5 Things You Need To Do Before Publishing Your Book

Writers often assume that writing a book from start to finish is the most challenging part of getting it published. However, the reality is that having a completed manuscript in hand only puts you at the beginning of the long journey it takes to get a book published successfully. If you have finished writing your book and are just waiting to get it published then now would be a perfect ...

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How to increase your book’s rankings on Amazon

Did you know that every month, millions of readers throng the Amazon Book Store to browse through and pick up books in different categories and genres? In an age where book retailers have had to rethink their focus on books and pivot their strategy to resurrect dwindling book sales and reader engagement, Amazon with over 2 million titles on its platform, has risen to the top as the most dominant ...

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How to setup the perfect giveaway to boost your book’s visibility

  The Logic Behind Book Giveaways There is an inherent belief amongst some authors that giving out their book for free might undermine the value of their book. This couldn't be farther from the truth. People love getting something for nothing and this concept of free is one of the powerful strategies used by marketers, brands and companies to build awareness about a brand or a product. From small boutiques stores to ...

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Getting Reviews For Your Book – Top Book Reviewers, Bloggers and Platforms in India

Have you ever thought of how readers discover new books they want to read? Although technology has helped the book industry develop by leaps and bounds over the last decade, word of mouth remains one of the biggest factors that sells books even today. Meaning the majority of modern-day readers are more comfortable picking up new books that others have read, like and recommend, instead of having to make the ...

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A Beginner's Guide to Publishing Terms

A Beginner’s Guide to Publishing Terms

Certain publishing terms can be confusing when encountered for the first time. Here is a guide for you to understand what they mean. With the advent of the internet, people began consuming content in unbelievable proportions. The more information they consumed, the more they shared. Millions of people found multiple platforms to showcase their writings, musings and experiences – this was shared and read by others.For the longest time, book publishing was a ...

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Authors should have a Facebook Interest List

Tutorial: How to create Facebook posts using Book Postr

Social Media is a game changer for authors. It provides a platform for authors to not only connect with their readers but also keep them engaged. Having said that, it takes considerable time and effort, to get your social strategy just right. Authors must be active, available at all times and constantly engage their readers with relevant content. People are on social media to consume content. They are consuming content ...

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author facebook pages

Best Practices for Author Facebook Pages

Completing a novel is truly a wonderful feeling, right? But as a writer, you know that there is no greater pleasure than watching your books fly off shelves and land into the palms of avid readers. The biggest milestone that transforms a writer to an author is the one that involves sales and promotion of their book. Today, authors have the freedom to express themselves via numerous methods, and one of ...

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writer's events

Writer’s Events, Workshops and Conferences to attend in India

  As a writer, the social and professional connections you make are key factors that determine your growth and direction towards becoming a successful author. Writer's events, conferences and workshops are a great way to learn, network and sharpen your skills as you embark on a journey towards publishing a remarkable piece of work. You may be indulging in a lot of online networking activities like being a part of webinars, ...

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writers pintrest boards

25 Inspiring Pinterest Boards For Writers

Many of us have a preconceived notion about Pinterest. We think Pinterest is only beneficial to designers, photographers, fashion bloggers, artists and the like. However, Pinterest boards are an amazing platform for writers too. Writers can use creative Pinterest boards not only to promote their articles or books and establish a brand for themselves, but also for the great platform of inspiration that it is. You will find a treasure trove of fascinating pins ...

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literary events

Literary Events Across India You Cannot Miss!

It’s time to celebrate what you love! Writing, storytelling sessions, digital marketing, poetry sessions – anything and everything related to the world of literature! While it was extremely difficult to narrow it down from the plethora of events happening in the metropolitan cities in India, here is a list of the literary events you must not miss in the month of May and June 2017.     1.CHENNAI Script Writing: Write a movie ...

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book launch

What is a Book Launch and How Does it Help Market Your Book

  This is it! It’s the most exciting day in your life and career as an author. After months, even years of writing the manuscript, it now rests in the palm of your hand. What do you do next? Launch it, of course! Now that you have solid evidence of your writing efforts, it’s time to let the avid readers out there know that there is something more to add to ...

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become bestselling author

How to Make your Book an International Bestseller?

  One of the most common questions that writers ask bestselling authors or aspiring authors ask publishers is, "How to make my book a bestseller?" Let's accept it – who doesn't want to market and sell their books to a huge audience? Apart from getting the obvious sales profit, having a bestseller to your credit has a lot of other privileges as well, like building reputation, sharing your story with the ...

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writing book blurbs

A Definitive Guide to Writing a Great Book Blurb

Conventionally, a blurb is a short promotional piece that accompanies a creative work. In other words, a blurb introduces an artistic work, like a story, an article, or a book. A blurb on a book is one of the most essential parts of your book. Some people call it the book blurb; some call it the book back description; it is also referred as the dust-cover copy. No matter how it ...

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How To Market Your Book

Once you have finished writing your book, you will notice that it was probably the easiest of the lot. What follows is the most important step for you and your book : Marketing. Here are a few tips for you to effectively market your book.  

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How to get Bloggers & Influencers to review your Book

  Marketing your book on social media can feel like an overwhelming activity that takes up a lot of your time. However, you cannot give up and not market your book altogether. So what can you do? Here is a little hack to drum up sales for your book. Reach out to Reviewers! Ask them for a review of your book. Reviewers have a large following of avid readers looking to read new ...

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Social Media Marketing Blunders

Social Media Marketing Blunders to Avoid when Promoting your Book

  The entire world relies immensely on social media to build brands and connect with world. Of late, social media has become the platform for writers and authors to promote their books, interact with readers, and create a buzz for their new ventures. There are a lot of popular authors active on social media and many of them are doing it right when it comes to marketing their books. And as ...

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reasons author need social media

9 Reasons Self-publishing Authors need Social Media

Social media has transformed our lifestyles to a great extent. Do you know that we, young adults, spend almost 4-5 hours on our smartphones? Writing, by itself, is a Herculean task; even if your creativity flows without any obstacles and your writing is flawless, you will still need many more traits to transform your idea into a best-selling novel.These days, from editing to publishing and marketing to distribution, everything can ...

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build author websites

Why and How to Build an Author’s Website?

These days, with more and more people being online, it is crucial for authors to have a good online presence. One of the key features that accentuates their online presence is an author website. Previously, readers used to visit libraries, bookstores, be a part of offline/local book clubs, etc., and that is how they get updated about the new books on the market. However, in the recent times, selection, purchase, ...

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Indian authors with great social media presence (Infographic)

Social media has become a vital tool of communication and has revolutionized the way marketing is done. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this is authors. Authors are beginning to establish a strong social media presence to connect with their fans and in turn, promote their work.The literary community on the whole has become tech-savvy and we have put together a list of authors who are using social media not ...

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book's metadata

How to Optimize your Book’s Metadata for better Sales

  Of late, we've all been creative to attract potential readers towards our book and get them to buy it. But, on this post, we'll try to do something different “ something more technical. Moving away from our social media strategies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our blog, and the likes, we are going to work on optimizing our book's metadata to reach to readers who are looking for books. We're going ...

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