A Beginner's Guide to Publishing Terms

A Beginner’s Guide to Publishing Terms

Certain publishing terms can be confusing when encountered for the first time. Here is a guide for you to understand what they mean. With the advent of the internet, people began consuming content in unbelievable proportions. The more information they consumed, the more they shared. Millions of people found multiple platforms to showcase their writings, musings and experiences – this was shared and read by others.For the longest time, book publishing was a ...

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why you should write

How to Write and Publish a Short Story

World renowned novelist Stephen King once said, “A short story is like a kiss in the dark, from a stranger.” Irrespective of the profession, it always helps to start small, and in the case of budding authors, a short story could catalyse a potential bestselling novel. Then again,to write and publish a short story poses its own set of challenges; while it may be smaller and more simplistic than a ...

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use of copyrighted material

9 Questions To Ask Before Using Copyrighted Material

Everyone knows the secret of creative ideation and writing; ideas don't just pop out of your head, they formulate out of inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time, and once you get inspired, your writing prowess will take center stage. At certain instances, while you are writing the story, you may want to include a quote or reference - a character/scenario that exists in the world of ...

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Book Publishing Industry

Book Cover Design Trends 2017

Everyone knows the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. While the quote is a metaphor that relates to human emotions, it doesn’t work too well in a literal sense. A book, regardless of how well-written it could be, will never be read unless it attracts a reader’s attention. Book cover designs have become a fashionable thing. From simplistic calligraphy to quirky design patterns, book covers are getting ...

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Seven Things One Should Know About Self-Publishing

  This activity is a bucket list staple. Most people hope to achieve this at some point in their lives. Statistics show that 80% of people in the USA want to write a book, but only a tiny fraction of them actually write one. Becoming a published writer seems to be the dream that most of us hope to magically accomplish. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to crack the secret code ...

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formatting a book

The Handy Guide to Format Your Book

Completing your book is a euphoric feeling. It feels good to see months of writing and re-writing finally set into place as one complete novel. Hold your horses though, as there is still one herculean task left. Yes, we're talking about that seemingly complex task of formatting a book which is making the elements in your novel flow together in an aesthetically pleasing way, so readers can get a comfortable ...

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how to make your book into a movie

How to Turn Your Book into a Movie Script

How to Turn Your Book into a Movie Script Books vs Movies, Movies vs Books- the classic argument between avid readers and movie buffs is one that will last for an eternity. For authors, seeing their books get converted into movies is an incredible feeling. Writing a movie script is different from writing a novel; even if you have the flair for writing, there are many elements of a script that ...

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coffee table book

How to Create and Publish a Coffee Table Book

  A picture speaks a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to a vibrant and appealing coffee table book. Typically, a coffee table book is a high-quality, large book of illustrations and photographs meant for casual reading. As the name suggests, it’s usually placed on a coffee table in a lounge, so visitors can browse through the book to get inspiration or start a pleasant conversation. With evolving ...

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Design Resources

Top Ten Design Resources for Authors

  Getting your book published is a dream in itself. The transition from a writer to an author is a magical journey which is both uplifting and inspirational. Many writers, who do not have much knowledge about publishing, conventionally opt for traditional publishing methods, where many of the well-known publishing houses are seen offering the writers a multitude of services, ranging from design resources for books to distribution techniques, and a ...

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convert book

How to Convert Your Book into an Ebook: Useful Conversion Tools and Apps

  No matter the generation gap, reading remains to be a habit that is timeless. Perhaps, the one thing that has changed, or is slowly changing with time, is the way people are reading books. The classic paperback or hard-cover version of books continues to have a steady interest among avid readers, but for a broader audience, eBooks are becoming the go-to option. From first time authors to world-renowned masters of ...

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become bestselling author

How to Make your Book an International Bestseller?

  One of the most common questions that writers ask bestselling authors or aspiring authors ask publishers is, "How to make my book a bestseller?" Let's accept it – who doesn't want to market and sell their books to a huge audience? Apart from getting the obvious sales profit, having a bestseller to your credit has a lot of other privileges as well, like building reputation, sharing your story with the ...

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guide to writing and publishing an anthology

A definitive guide to writing and publishing an anthology

An anthology is a collection of selected writings by various authors, and usually, the several stories or writings are in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same theme. Alternatively, it can also be a collection of selected writings by one author. These days, anthologies are very much in trend. For starters, they are quick reads. Readers can read the book at one stretch or by taking ...

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Iconic book covers that inspired a generation

9 Iconic Book Covers That Inspired A Generation

Never judge a book by its cover. This is a well known and often preached about proverb. While we may or may not follow this for deeper aspects, most of us are guilty of judging a book by its cover when we see it for the first time.When at a bookstore, most of us consciously or unconsciously single out books that have catchy covers, quirky titles and/or intriguing taglines. Books ...

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How to Format your Manuscript

Recently, I happened to be part of an unofficial meet comprising of editors and typesetters. We meet frequently to discuss the hurdles editors, typesetters, and any personnel from the operations face and try to come out with solutions from all perspectives. This time, when we met, there were a lot of issues discussed but one thing that was common and got my attention was the issue of poor formatting of ...

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self publish books

How to Self Publish a Book in India

Writing a book is not an easy task. It involves one thing: Work. A lot of work goes behind writing a book, but that is just writing. Publishing & Distributing the book that you wrote is even harder. Finding a publisher, convincing them to publish your book, and if you are lucky your book gets picked up. This process is not just tiring but never-ending. Especially, if you are an ...

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legal issues in publishing

Five legal issues every author should be aware of

Publishing a book is not just about coming up with a story line and writing a great story, there are more dimensions to this. There is an important domain that needs to be kept in mind while deciding to write a book- Legal issues. You might either go in for traditional publishing or self-publishing, as the author and the owner of the content, the onus is on you to make ...

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What you need to know about Print-on-Demand

You won't call it unfair if I told you that technology is influencing everything it's touching. Thanks to the rapid advancements due to consistent research and development in the publishing industry, several changes have set in and have changed the way books are published. And the result of one such tech advancement is the onset of a new form of book-printing technique called Print-on-Demand. This technology has made printing books ...

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manuscript writing

How to organize your manuscript

A book is usually organized into Front Matter, Body Text, Back Matter and Cover Page. Some of them are mandatory and others are optional. In this post, we will look at some of the important elements in a book and see if you need to include them in your manuscript writing. There are other pages like the title page, half-title page and the copyright page which will be added by ...

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write cover copy

Benefits of Self-Publishing Your Book

  Publishing a book on their own offers authors more opportunities and a wider array of options than ever before. Innovations such as e-book publishing and print-on-demand services have allowed authors promote their own books. Self-publishing is the hottest trend in books, as it provides creative thinkers and authors make their work known in a fast and easy way. Self-publishing is also considered profitable as, an author; you get to keep all ...

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