5 Things You Need To Do Before Publishing Your Book

Writers often assume that writing a book from start to finish is the most challenging part of getting it published. However, the reality is that having a completed manuscript in hand only puts you at the beginning of the long journey it takes to get a book published successfully. If you have finished writing your book and are just waiting to get it published then now would be a perfect ...

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How to increase your book’s rankings on Amazon

Did you know that every month, millions of readers throng the Amazon Book Store to browse through and pick up books in different categories and genres? In an age where book retailers have had to rethink their focus on books and pivot their strategy to resurrect dwindling book sales and reader engagement, Amazon with over 2 million titles on its platform, has risen to the top as the most dominant ...

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How to setup the perfect giveaway to boost your book’s visibility

  The Logic Behind Book Giveaways There is an inherent belief amongst some authors that giving out their book for free might undermine the value of their book. This couldn't be farther from the truth. People love getting something for nothing and this concept of free is one of the powerful strategies used by marketers, brands and companies to build awareness about a brand or a product. From small boutiques stores to ...

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Getting Reviews For Your Book – Top Book Reviewers, Bloggers and Platforms in India

Have you ever thought of how readers discover new books they want to read? Although technology has helped the book industry develop by leaps and bounds over the last decade, word of mouth remains one of the biggest factors that sells books even today. Meaning the majority of modern-day readers are more comfortable picking up new books that others have read, like and recommend, instead of having to make the ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days

The idea of writing an entire book from start to finish can seem like one of the most challenging tasks any writer has faced in their life. So much so that most of them give up even before they get started. And a majority of them, who push through their initial inhibitions, gradually start losing their motivation at some point due to a poor execution plan. Let's be honest, writing ...

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Notion Press helps you write your book

The question writers are most afraid of, and probably are asked all the time – how's the writing going? It is, after all, the toughest part of publishing a book. You can ask any author, and the answer is usually the same. Writing is the hardest part. Our main goal at Notion Press is to make publishing an accessible, enjoyable and easy process for authors. And since writing is where it ...

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Facebook groups for authors

5 Groups Every Aspiring Author Needs To Be Part Of

For all you aspiring authors out there, writing an entire book from start to finish can be extremely challenging and quite taxing especially if you are doing it all on your own. There will inevitably be moments where you struggle to keep up the motivation levels, whether you are dealing with a writer’s block,  require a fresh perspective or just need to make sense of the ideas in your head. ...

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How to design your book’s interior pages on the Xpress Publishing Platform

Having a professional layout shows your readers and distributors that you have designed your book, keeping in mind the book’s usability and their reading experience. But a lot of times certain crucial technical aspects of designing tend to go amiss, thereby revealing to your readers that you’re a rookie. We built the Interior Formatting tool on the Xpress Publishing Platform to solve just this. The Interior Formatting tool simplifies an otherwise ...

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Format a book using Microsoft Word

Create your book interior using Microsoft Word

For book lovers, the interior design of a book is as important as the cover. A captivating story isn’t going to help read a book comfortably for hours on end without straining your eyes. The fonts, the spacing, the layout and the book size should be proportionate and suitable. Now, you don’t need a fancy software and years of training to achieve this. You just need Microsoft Word. We’ve created Microsoft ...

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How to design your book’s cover on the Xpress Publishing Platform

People ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. A book’s cover page shows them if they can relate to the book and helps them decide whether to buy a book or not.  A good cover page apart from being beautifully designed, should be easily comprehensible, have a bold title that’s visible even in the thumbnail size on eCommerce sites and tells a reader exactly what they’re going to get from ...

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How to format your book using Microsoft Word

A book is hard to follow when there is no structure.  That is why the book must be properly formatted, with its interiors, the font, spacing, its title and structure all in place. The Notion Press platform offers an interior design tool with which you can format your book easily and make it ready for publishing. In case you have a finished manuscript, you can copy and paste the manuscript ...

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How to format your book using the DIY Publishing Platform

A good book must make for an enjoyable read. Imagine a case where a paragraph reads like this:  Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend,   and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry."  Annoying, right? This is why the interior of your book needs to be designed wisely. This is where most authors find themselves in a fix. Designing the interiors and the cover of ...

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How to design your book cover using the DIY Publishing Platform

People still judge a book by its cover. And that is why we have added an easy-to-use cover design tool in our free DIY platform. Creating a cover may seem like a professional designer’s task and that is true, when you need illustrations and when you have no idea what your cover needs to look like. But if you have an idea and a few stock photos that you would ...

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How to Publish your Book for free using DIY Publishing Platform

For most authors, getting a book published seems as daunting a task as writing it. We believe that publishing a book should be easy and not something that deters writers from completing their books. We are always looking for ways to make the publishing process easier, faster and more accessible, and that is why we launched the DIY Publishing platform. You can use the DIY publishing platform to write, design, ...

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A Beginner's Guide to Publishing Terms

A Beginner’s Guide to Publishing Terms

Certain publishing terms can be confusing when encountered for the first time. Here is a guide for you to understand what they mean. With the advent of the internet, people began consuming content in unbelievable proportions. The more information they consumed, the more they shared. Millions of people found multiple platforms to showcase their writings, musings and experiences – this was shared and read by others.For the longest time, book publishing was a ...

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Authors should have a Facebook Interest List

Tutorial: How to create Facebook posts using Book Postr

Social Media is a game changer for authors. It provides a platform for authors to not only connect with their readers but also keep them engaged. Having said that, it takes considerable time and effort, to get your social strategy just right. Authors must be active, available at all times and constantly engage their readers with relevant content. People are on social media to consume content. They are consuming content ...

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writing tips

How to Write Better- Must Follow Tips

Here’s a strange but true thing about writing- it’s an art form that can never quite be described as perfect. Like any other art form, writing comes in multiple styles and presentations, so one can never truly judge one style as better than another. However, for us writers, the perspective is different; we look at writing as something that has to be perfect before it is allowed to go public. ...

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publish an ebook

How to publish an eBook in India?

The digital revolution is taking place in almost every sector in the world, including the publishing industry. Traditional forms of books will always remain and gain an immense love for readers and writers alike. However, eBooks, in a very short time have gained tremendous attention and popularity. Are you an aspiring writer waiting to step into the world of publishing? Fear not, eBooks are a great way to start off ...

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