How to get Bloggers & Influencers to review your Book

  Marketing your book on social media can feel like an overwhelming activity that takes up a lot of your time. However, you cannot give up and not market your book altogether. So what can you do? Here is a little hack to drum up sales for your book. Reach out to Reviewers! Ask them for a review of your book. Reviewers have a large following of avid readers looking to read new ...

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Social Media Marketing Blunders

Social Media Marketing Blunders to Avoid when Promoting your Book

  The entire world relies immensely on social media to build brands and connect with world. Of late, social media has become the platform for writers and authors to promote their books, interact with readers, and create a buzz for their new ventures. There are a lot of popular authors active on social media and many of them are doing it right when it comes to marketing their books. And as ...

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reasons author need social media

9 Reasons Self-publishing Authors need Social Media

Social media has transformed our lifestyles to a great extent. Do you know that we, young adults, spend almost 4-5 hours on our smartphones? Writing, by itself, is a Herculean task; even if your creativity flows without any obstacles and your writing is flawless, you will still need many more traits to transform your idea into a best-selling novel.These days, from editing to publishing and marketing to distribution, everything can ...

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build author websites

Why and How to Build an Author’s Website?

These days, with more and more people being online, it is crucial for authors to have a good online presence. One of the key features that accentuates their online presence is an author website. Previously, readers used to visit libraries, bookstores, be a part of offline/local book clubs, etc., and that is how they get updated about the new books on the market. However, in the recent times, selection, purchase, ...

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Indian authors with great social media presence (Infographic)

Social media has become a vital tool of communication and has revolutionized the way marketing is done. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this is authors. Authors are beginning to establish a strong social media presence to connect with their fans and in turn, promote their work.The literary community on the whole has become tech-savvy and we have put together a list of authors who are using social media not ...

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goodreads giveaways


The Facebook for book lovers Goodreads is not just another social media platform. It is the most useful platform for authors where they can reach out to  prospective readers.  When it comes to book marketing, a giveaway works wonders. And Goodreads is filled with readers, and this is the perfect platform for you to market your book. Here is quick guide to run a Goodreads giveaway.  

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how to market your book online

How to Market your New Book Online

All of us want our books to be read and be appreciated by everyone. It is any writer’s dream to be widely read and ensure that his/her books are made easily accessible. There is no doubt about the fact that quality content and suitable narration is the real hero of any book. However, the knack and knowledge to market and promote your book are also equally important to fetch the ...

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Quora for Book marketing

All you need to know about Quora for Book marketing

With over a million people accessing this website for information every month, Quora is a marketer's delight. A website that has a massive user base in India, the US, the UK, Canada, and China, a marketer cannot afford to miss out on an opportunity to leverage the full potential of Quora. For us authors, Quora is a treasure chest of potential readers, where we can wittily market our books and ...

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promote book

5 Ways Authors can use Goodreads to promote their Book

For the uninitiated, Goodreads is like LinkedIn for authors and readers. It has millions of users accessing from across the world and it's one of the best platforms you can use to reach out to your target audience. On Goodreads, readers list the books they've read and rate them; create lists of some of the best books in a particular category; and connect with other readers to know what they've ...

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how to find influencers

Finding Influencers among your Target audience

Marketing to the right target audience is the most rewarding part of marketing your book. But focusing deeper into the target audience to find influences among them can be much more fruitful. how to find influencers? Once you've zeroed in on your target audience, you need to be on the look-out for people who are in a position to influence larger audiences. For Example, if your book is on parenting and child ...

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – How to use it to your advantage

Building a buzz around your book: Before you start publishing your book, you need to spend time building an author platform, as we saw in the previous posts. But once you've started the process of publishing, you need to focus on building a platform for your book, or in other words building a buzz around your book, so that when it is finally released it will be received by an interested and ...

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