Keeping the art of storytelling alive during a pandemic – How Notion Press helped writers connect with readers during a nationwide lockdown

It’s been a whirlwind of a last few weeks for us here at Notion Press. While the whole world was coming to grips with one of the deadliest pandemics we have ever seen, we had to act fast and shift our focus from what was nothing short of a phenomenal start to the new decade where we published more than 2,100 books in the first two months of 2020, to ...

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Getting Reviews For Your Book – Top Book Reviewers, Bloggers and Platforms in India

Have you ever thought of how readers discover new books they want to read? Although technology has helped the book industry develop by leaps and bounds over the last decade, word of mouth remains one of the biggest factors that sells books even today. Meaning the majority of modern-day readers are more comfortable picking up new books that others have read, like and recommend, instead of having to make the ...

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Setting new heights for publishing in India – Last month at Notion Press

  We had a phenomenal start to the new decade in January when we set the tone for the future by publishing more than 1000 books in a single month. Moving into February, our agenda for the foreseeable future was clear. Not only did we want to push the boundaries further and make publishing more accessible than it has ever been in this country, but we also wanted to start laying ...

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How first-time author Hardik Joshi sold more than 10,000 copies of his book

Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Thumbs Up Foundation Dr Hardik Joshi left his successful career a few years ago to live his dream and passion of being a motivational speaker, trainer and writer. In what turned out to be one of the most significant moments in his new life, Dr Hardik decided to write and publish his first book - How to develop a never give up attitude just a ...

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How Notion Press published more than 1000 first-time writers in 1 month

It has been a phenomenal start to the year for us at Notion Press. We published an astounding 1018 books in the month of January and are on track to beat that number in February. To put that into perspective - That is one book published every 35 mins! So how exactly did an eight-year-old publishing startup, with a team of just under 200 manage this feat? In order to understand ...

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Notion Press helps you write your book

The question writers are most afraid of, and probably are asked all the time – how's the writing going? It is, after all, the toughest part of publishing a book. You can ask any author, and the answer is usually the same. Writing is the hardest part. Our main goal at Notion Press is to make publishing an accessible, enjoyable and easy process for authors. And since writing is where it ...

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Authors should have a Facebook Interest List

Tutorial: How to create Facebook posts using Book Postr

Social Media is a game changer for authors. It provides a platform for authors to not only connect with their readers but also keep them engaged. Having said that, it takes considerable time and effort, to get your social strategy just right. Authors must be active, available at all times and constantly engage their readers with relevant content. People are on social media to consume content. They are consuming content ...

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Book Publishing Industry

42 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Book Publishing Industry

The book publishing industry has been around for generations, constantly pulling out some of the worlds finest reads. From old-school scriptures to new-age digital ink, the methods of publishing have evolved and so have the many writing tools. Along the way, the book publishing industry has produced some of the wackiest, funniest, coolest and most amazing incidents. If you're the sort of writer who enjoys fact-finding as a method of researching ...

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publishing industry


In India, the land of epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabaratha, there is no shortage of stories. With the art of storytelling rooted in our tradition, it is not surprising that we are the sixth largest publishing market in the world.With a population of over 1.28 billion people and estimated to surpass China by 2030, India is seen as a lucrative market by all major publishers.What’s more is that ...

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