Authors should have a Facebook Interest List

Tutorial: How to create Facebook posts using Book Postr

Social Media is a game changer for authors. It provides a platform for authors to not only connect with their readers but also keep them engaged. Having said that, it takes considerable time and effort, to get your social strategy just right. Authors must be active, available at all times and constantly engage their readers with relevant content. People are on social media to consume content. They are consuming content ...

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Book Publishing Industry

42 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Book Publishing Industry

The book publishing industry has been around for generations, constantly pulling out some of the worlds finest reads. From old-school scriptures to new-age digital ink, the methods of publishing have evolved and so have the many writing tools. Along the way, the book publishing industry has produced some of the wackiest, funniest, coolest and most amazing incidents. If you're the sort of writer who enjoys fact-finding as a method of researching ...

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publishing industry


In India, the land of epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabaratha, there is no shortage of stories. With the art of storytelling rooted in our tradition, it is not surprising that we are the sixth largest publishing market in the world.With a population of over 1.28 billion people and estimated to surpass China by 2030, India is seen as a lucrative market by all major publishers.What’s more is that ...

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