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The question writers are most afraid of, and probably are asked all the time – how’s the writing going? It is, after all, the toughest part of publishing a book. You can ask any author, and the answer is usually the same. Writing is the hardest part.

Our main goal at Notion Press is to make publishing an accessible, enjoyable and easy process for authors. And since writing is where it all begins, we have launched two new services in 2019 to help writers from the ideation stage and help them transform into successful authors. 

Assisted Writing for Non-Fiction Books:

Our assisted writing service is for non-fiction writers who have amazing ideas but are faced with the challenge of converting those ideas into books. There are many blocks and struggles first-time writers face and our assisted writing service will help them overcome these challenges and spread their ideas to the world.

With a dedicated Book Authoring Coach, who will bring structure and direction to your book, this service has already helped several authors fulfill their dreams of becoming published authors. So now we offer Assisted Writing to all non-fiction authors who choose our Expand and Broadcast packages.

Beta Reading for Fiction/Poetry Books:

Anything an author writes, they write for their audience. Often, authors doubt themselves, give up or lose motivation to write in fear of not appealing to the people they’re writing for. Many manuscripts are left unfinished and they never see the light of day because of this fear.

The Notion Press Beta Reader will help you understand how your target audience will perceive and receive your book. With comprehensive questions and feedback, even during the initial stages of writing, this service will help you shape your book in such a way that it will have the right impact that you want it to have on your reader. Beta Reader is now available for all fiction and poetry authors who choose our Expand and Broadcast publishing plans.

To know more about how both these services work and how they can help you, please reach out to one of our publishing consultants or log on to our website and one of our consultants will be in touch with you.


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Mridula Arjun

When she isn't protecting the world from evil mutant forces, Mridula can be found pinning beautiful things she can never have on her organized pinterest boards. This editor at heart spends the rest of her time trying to edit her life perfectly and win, but only in vain. She occasionally dabbles in writing, in her quest to seem intelligent. Mridula knows she'll always have a few people who'll appreciate anything she attempts (Hi, ma and pa) so, she never gives up. Well, not entirely at least.

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