Setting new heights for publishing in India – Last month at Notion Press

  We had a phenomenal start to the new decade in January when we set the tone for the future by publishing more than 1000 books in a single month. Moving into February, our agenda for the foreseeable future was clear. Not only did we want to push the boundaries further and make publishing more accessible than it has ever been in this country, but we also wanted to start laying ...

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How first-time author Hardik Joshi sold more than 10,000 copies of his book

Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Thumbs Up Foundation Dr Hardik Joshi left his successful career a few years ago to live his dream and passion of being a motivational speaker, trainer and writer. In what turned out to be one of the most significant moments in his new life, Dr Hardik decided to write and publish his first book - How to develop a never give up attitude just a ...

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Deepak Chawla

Deepak Chawla, HR Head of Reliance Infrastructure, On How He Wrote His First Book [Music] Kiruba: Hello and welcome to the “First Book Podcast,” India’s first and only podcast dedicated to helping first-time authors. In this podcast series we have conversations with bestselling authors and business leaders to understand how they successfully crack their first book. The authors give a behind-the-scenes look in their authoring journey and provide valuable insights and tips to help you publish your first book. This podcast is done in association ...

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Jeffrey Archer book

13 Books to Read if You’re a Jeffrey Archer Fan

The release of Kane and Abel took the literary world by storm. Crime thriller lovers spent endless hours immersed in the compelling story of William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski; their powerfully written characterization and a plot that sees them get tangled in a 60-year power struggle on the background of war, marriage, fortune and disaster. If you enjoy the quirky writing style, set in plausibly realistic and relatable backgrounds, ...

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authoring tips

Zoe McKey, Amazon’s Number 1 Selling Self-help Author, offers Authoring Tips

The Transcript: [Music] Kiruba: Hello and welcome to a special edition of the First Book Podcast, where we get to listen to Amazon's number one selling self-help author Zoe McKey. But first, what is this first book podcast? It is the only podcast show that is targeted at aspiring authors. This is where we get to listen to global best-selling authors tell us how they cracked their book and they let us ...

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writing rituals

Crazy Rituals of Famous Authors

Famous authors are not only famous for their bestselling novels, but also for their wit, knowledge, passion, and various other skills. One of such various other skills is having notoriously crazy writing rituals. From Victor Hugo to Dan Brown, many authors have crazy habits when it comes to writing. After all, masterpieces cannot be sculpted without abrasives. From lying down to standing up, from steaming infinite espresso shots to rotten ...

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Rashmi Bansal

India’s Bestselling Queen, Rashmi Bansal, Shares Her Advice For New Authors

Here's the transcript of the podcast: [Music] Kiruba: Hello and welcome to a very special edition of the first book podcast - India's first podcast especially for those who have dreams and aspirations to become an author. My name is Kiruba Shankar and every week, I speak with experienced and bestselling authors to understand their writing habits, best practices, and tips to help you successfully author your first book. This podcast is ...

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Famous authors

Famous authors who chose self-publishing

Writing a novel and finishing it is hard, however getting a publisher to print the novel is harder. Unable to find publishers, there have been many authors who have taken the self-publishing route. With various self-publishing programs and websites that allow writers to publish their own stories, more authors are moving towards self-publishing. Here is a look at famous authors who chose self-publishing. If you already have a manuscript, learn How ...

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