Publishing: How Does It Work?

How does publishing with Notion Press work? Notion Press allows you to set up your book within 30 minutes by uploading and editing your details before you hit publish. The information you enter into the detail page will help in creating your book. You can choose to publish your book in paperback format and make exclusive choices for your book size, format, and cover design! This is perhaps the easiest and ...

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use of copyrighted material

9 Questions To Ask Before Using Copyrighted Material

Everyone knows the secret of creative ideation and writing; ideas don't just pop out of your head, they formulate out of inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time, and once you get inspired, your writing prowess will take center stage. At certain instances, while you are writing the story, you may want to include a quote or reference - a character/scenario that exists in the world of ...

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Copyrights Registration

What You Need to Know about Copyrights Registration

As an author, today's technological advancements may both intrigue you and scare you. Intrigue because publishing your book in the market and taking your content to your target audience is way easier than it used to be and scary because of the diverse ways content is consumed and (ab)used! Being writers, we all want to have an ownership of what we write and publish. The use of our content without ...

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