The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Writer

The thrill of gazing outside your window from a writer’s desk and clanking away at your keyboard is unparalleled. The adrenaline rush you feel at the mingling of words into illustrious stories is a feeling like no other. Unfortunately, once you’ve zapped yourself away from the romanticisation of what it means to be a writer, you discover what it really means to be a writer. Here’s the good news: the moment you decided to put your pen to paper you’ve been a writer. 


But now that you’ve decided to sail this voyage, it’s time to think about the more grave questions: As a writer, what are the different careers you can pursue? How much do writers get paid? And perhaps the most momentous question of all – How can you become a published writer? 


Discover the kind of writer you are 


You are as much of a writer if you write 1 page a day as you are if you write 10 pages a day. Similarly, your writing could be an unbridled passion that you wish to share with the world, or it could be stowed away in a personal diary. But, if you decide to write professionally, you must be well-informed of the numerous career opportunities you have as a writer.


Here are a few career paths for writers: 




The primary duty of a reporter is to research and collect news stories for publications. This includes online forums, magazines, newspapers or even broadcast stations. Reporters generally specialize in a niche area of news, also known as a ‘beat’. Depending on your expertise and interests, you can write human interest stories, or articles on sports, entertainment, politics, etc. According to Indeed, the national average salary of a reporter is $40, 683 per year. If you like writing factual pieces or if you are adept at researching, this is a good career option for you. 




Copywriters are tasked with producing compelling and concise texts for various advertising channels. They write short, impactful bits of content for websites, catalogues, promotional ads, and a variety of products and services. Copywriters can specialise within the field of brand or marketing copywriting. They can use their strong communication and research skills for SEO copywriting. According to Indeed, the national average salary of a copywriter is $50,846 per year. If you enjoy writing creative taglines, entertaining jingles, or even short product descriptions, copywriting could be the right fit for you. 


Content Writer 


Ranging from the witty Amul ads you see on newsprint, to how-to manuals on the internet, all written content you consume is written by a content writer. Articles on a website, advertisements on the TV and even this blog is written by a content writer. All bloggers and freelance writers also fall under content writers. Content writers can specialize in a specific industry and enjoy the flexibility of working from home and freelancing. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a content writer is $47,233. To become a content writer, venture into the kind of writing you enjoy doing most. Whether it’s long-form writing or writing one-liners, pick a specialization accordingly. 




Columnists write short essays and articles for newspapers, digital platforms or magazines. They generally write about a niche area of interest which could be their expertise. This includes fashion, sports, lifestyle or even politics. Their work usually offers personal opinions and commentary. They keep their readers informed and engaged with a unique style of writing that is informal and creative. According to careers.stateuniversity, columnists earn about $34,000 per year. If you are skilled in writing opinion pieces or enjoy writing essays that follow a specific topic, then this job might be something you should consider. 




If you want to write independently, it is difficult to establish a fixed salary. Your earning will depend on how much work you get published. While pursuing a career as an author, you might need to juggle a part-time or a full-time profession. But, despite the risk and uncertainty of this job, it is a fulfilling endeavour that people choose to take on every day. 


To become a published writer, figure out what you enjoy writing most. It could be fiction, non-fiction, short stories, or even poetry. It could also help to share your work online to build a portfolio and to gain a steady readership for your writing; this will inevitably increase your chances of getting published. You can also send in your work to online literary magazines such as The Bombay Review, Th Bangalore Review, 3:AM Magazine and others. Additionally, you can try to get your book published through traditional publications or you can get it self-published.

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Naqiyah Hasan

Naqiyah is pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing at Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology. She is an avid reader, writer, and book collector.

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