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Imagine a situation where you sit and write a book for months, get it edited, formated, and go through the process of publishing to finally get your book out and into the market. Well, it’s probably one of the best moments in your life as an author. But what happens next? The cold hard truth for many authors out there is that they are not quite sure. How are your books performing? What can you do to improve their sales? Where can you get some copies to share with your friends and family?  


As the curtains draw to a close on the first quarter of 2021, here at Notion Press we have been working hard on reducing the ambiguity authors face by providing them a simple way to access crucial information and guidance they seek when it comes to their post publishing journey.


Introducing the brand new Notion Press Author Dashboard


After weeks of testing and fine-tuning the new and upgraded Notion Press Author Dashboard is finally ready to use for all our authors. The main focus behind the upgrades was to provide authors an easy-to-understand and navigable back end, where they have everything they would need right at the first glance. 


Find what you need faster

The dashboard’s upgraded design makes your life as an author a whole lot easier by helping you find what you want faster. The most crucial information authors seek in terms of book sales, profits, and royalty payout are visible in the center of the screen under the Earnings Report section as soon as you log in to the dashboard. The Earnings Report Section now also includes the earnings you have accrued through book sales over the lifetime of your book in addition to your monthly sales and performance information. This helps you accurately measure the return on investment to date and gives you a baseline to optimize any promotional expenses going forward as well. 


Set up your author profile in minutes

The new author dashboard is also linked to your author profile. You can update your profile by clicking on the Edit Profile button on the top right corner of your screen. Ensure your profile is updated with all relevant details, including links to all your social profiles to help your readers connect with you. A solid author profile also helps build credibility for you in the minds of readers and pushes them to complete the purchase. So keep your profile updated regularly by logging in to your dashboard. 


Get everything you need for your book

From book sales reports to publishing support and promotional tools to placing author copy orders, you will find everything you need for your published book under the books section. Just choose what you want under the Quick Actions menu located right next to your book. 


Gain increased transparency

The updated book sales report provides increased transparency through granular information starting from how many books have sold, which platforms they have sold in, the profits from sales, and all order-related information as well. You also have the option of using the date and report period options to generate customized sales reports. Remember the sales reports are live for all print book sales in India. 


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    Warm greetings of the season. I have so far published four titles related to medical astrology and Psychopathology. Not getting still readers and buyers to the title. Couldn’t understand how shall I reach
    the exact readers who would like to read and understand the subject. Or even find flaws and mistakes