Design Stunning Book Covers With the New and Exciting Cover App

It’s been an exciting couple of months since we recently launched the new and improved version of Xpress Publishing – A completely free to use publishing platform that helps bridge the access to quality publishing and enables authors to design, format and publish their books in as many as 8 Indian languages and sell it on major e-commerce sites in India. You can read about it here.

More than 600 authors have gotten their books published within the first month of the launch and there are no signs of this slowing down.

We are really excited to help every author take their story to the world and we have been working on some great new features to make your experience even better.

We are absolutely thrilled to launch an all-new upgraded version of our Cover Design Tool.

The new Cover Design Tool helps you create beautiful front and back covers for your book, that can draw the attention of readers, without having to master any professional tools like Photoshop.

So what’s new in the App?

  • All-new front and back layout

You no longer have to choose just front cover layouts. Our all-new layouts feature exciting front and back cover templates.

  • New design canvas

The new design canvas lets you view the whole picture and enables you to work on both the front and the back cover simultaneously. You can switch between front and back cover using the simple switch given on top. This will help you build the perfect theme for your book cover.

  • Design features for the back cover

You no longer have to settle for simple plain backgrounds for your back cover. The new version of the app lets you design the back cover just as you would the front cover for your book. Add text, use preloaded images, search for the perfect image or upload your own for your perfect cover

You can also change the format of each element on the cover, the fonts, font colors, their position and so on.

These exciting new features are now live and you can click the link below to sign in to your dashboard and start using it right away. Good luck with your book!

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