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Launching Xpress Publishing, the fastest do-it-yourself publishing platform


On October 24, 2018, Notion Press, India’s largest book publishing platform, announced the launch of Xpress Publishing, a do-it-yourself publishing platform to help authors create and publish their books in less than 30 minutes. The published books will be made available in both print and eBook formats on all chosen distribution channels and can be delivered to readers in more than 100 countries. Apart from English language books, Xpress publishing will also support books in Indian languages.

The first of its kind in India, the platform offers various tools to create, publish and promote both print and eBooks from scratch. Authors can use the interior and book cover design tools to publish books in various genres ranging from classics, literature, fiction, biographies, business and finance, self-help, cookbooks to children books, at par with international standards.

Naveen Valsakumar, Co-founder, and CEO, Notion Press said, “We are excited to extend our publishing platform to more writers. Xpress publishing will be convenient and provide easy access to professional tools for first-time authors. The best part is that our authors own 100% of the rights to their books and earn 70% of the Net Profits from book sales in any format they choose to publish in.”

“The Xpress publishing platform is easy to use even for first-time authors. The platform provides a seamless user experience where the author can design their own cover and interior or use the pre-set templates to create their book. Xpress Publishing is a great option for both professional and amateur authors to publish their fiction and non-fiction books, which will be made available to millions of readers. It takes hardly 30 mins to publish their book.” said Bhargava Adepalley, Co-Founder and CTO, Notion Press.

Notion Press’s Xpress publishing platform allows authors to have complete control over how they want to publish and where they want to sell their book. Published authors can track their book sales online, access exclusive marketing tools and the profits go straight into their designated bank accounts. Writers also have the option to upgrade to Notion Press’s guided publishing program in case they want more help during the publishing process.

“We started Notion Press to democratize publishing of books in India by making high-quality publishing accessible to all aspiring writers. Today, we are taking a step forward in fulfilling that vision and are setting an ambitious goal for the future – to publish 100,000 authors in the next five years with a strong focus on Indian languages,” says Naveen Valsakumar.

To find out all the options and to get more details about Xpress Publishing, visit


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