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25 Inspiring Pinterest Boards For Writers

Many of us have a preconceived notion about Pinterest. We think Pinterest is only beneficial to designers, photographers, fashion bloggers, artists and the like. However, Pinterest boards are an amazing platform for writers too. Writers can use creative Pinterest boards not only to promote their articles or books and establish a brand for themselves, but also for the great platform of inspiration that it is. You will find a treasure trove of fascinating pins for your research and ideation on Pinterest. At the same time, you can share your stories and sources of inspiration with fellow writers!

Here is a list of 27 writer’s Pinterest boards that might help you get rid of your writer’s block or  simply serve as a source of inspiration.

  1. Writerly Inspiration This colourful Pinterest board has everything from motivational quotes, infographics, tips and funny images to interesting writing hacks. Go no further for your dose of motivation and enthusiasm on those cruel blue days!
  2. Recovery and Relaxation Mindfulness is essential to write well. This Pinterest board shares tips on relaxing your body and mind, recovering from stress  and enhancing your thinking abilities. These are sure to help you achieve mindfulness on a daily basis.
  3. Getting Help with Your Writing Stuck in the middle of your draft? Looking for ways to enhance that storyline? This board is the answer to all your problems. From issues like crafting a strong character to deciding your next story’s genre, this board will help clear your confusion.
  4. Writer’s Toolbox

    Love freebies and listicles? Your hunt ends with the Writer’s Toolbox. This board offers a wealth of interesting freebies and tools that will help polish your writing skills.
  5. The Writer’s Block Feeling worn out and under the weather? Your mind refuses to churn out new ideas? The Writer’s Block will stimulate your creativity once again. From title ideas to thesaurus suggestions, this Pinterest board is a first aid box for writer’s block!
  6. Pens, Ink and Notebooks Do you prefer the old-fashioned pen and paper style of writing over new age laptops? If you are, then this board is just for you! From artsy notebooks to crafted pens, you will find them all here.
  7. The Incredible English Language Board English is a funny language, don’t you agree? Hop on to this board for some moments of ease, laughter and fun learning that’s sure to help speed up your writing.
  8. Art Journaling Love scribbling notes? Enjoy creating mood boards or sketches before you start writing? The Art Journaling board is sure to inspire you with its sketchy, artsy feel and colourful doodles.
  9. The Writer’s Sandbox Take out your bucket and shovel as you dig through the sand on this Pinterest board. Get tips on setting realistic goals, planning your writing schedule and building up characters and settings for the novel you were born to craft!
  10. How To Write a Book If you are fairly new to writing, this Pinterest board is a good option to look at before you start. It has tips on everything, from setting up writing plans to refining the first draft to structuring your story plots. It also shares some writers’ confessions which are worth a read, especially for first-time authors.
  11. Writing+Editing You have your first draft but you want to make it better? From enhancing character descriptions to emphasizing emotions in a better way, this Pinterest board will give you expert tips on sharpening your first draft to make it a final masterpiece.
  12. Become a More Productive Writer Struggling with procrastination? We all do at some point in time. This Pinterest board has a collection of images that will inspire you to stop procrastinating and flex those brain muscles to kick-start your writing!
  13. Books to Read The more you read, the better you write! Find a plethora of book recommendations from different genres on this board. You may even be inspired to develop an interesting twist to your own plot!
  14. Great Advice for Writers Great Advice for Writers focuses on the details. It shares writing hacks for almost every minute detail of a story. Find listicles on describing the skin tones of your characters  or expressing moods through your writing among others. The board also lists applications and tools that will help make your writing process smoother.
  15. CoverLovin’ Don’t judge a book by its cover, they said. But you could always look at attractive book covers as inspiration to design your own! CoverLovin’ offers a collection of popular book covers that are a treat to your eyes. You can also take a peek at our Book Cover Design Trends 2017 for some design inspiration.
  16. Home Office The place you write in makes a lot of difference. The Home Office board shares minimalistic yet contemporary ideas on organizing your writing space to make it more appealing and inspiring.
  17. Kansas City Public Library The Kansas City Public Library account has a range of boards for everything related to writing and books. It gives you superb book recommendations as well as writing prompts. In addition, it has a board for Do-It-Yourself book crafts that you can indulge in when taking a break from writing.
  18. The Writing Whisperer Looking for inspiration to effectively promote your content? The Writing Whisperer gives you ideas on  content strategies and branding tips for your books. An interesting fact about this Pinterest board is that it has individual boards on writing for each of the seven continents!
  19. Writing Prompts The defining feature of this board is its simplicity. It provides images in the form of pins which serve as writing prompts. Even if you aren’t into the picture, you can find a way to weave together the three words offered in the photo’s description. This can be a great writing practice and brainstorming session, especially for beginners.
  20. Writing Resources Writing Resources offers answers to popular questions related to writing. It’s a complete guide to writing from beginning to end that will help you with the research phase of writing your book. It will help you add that realistic touch associated with a book that’s crafted with dedication.
  21. Book Riot Books and bars, book accessories, book date tips, book club ideas, book party plans, book crafts and almost everything books! This Pinterest board is all about books, writing and everything related. Being a bookworm just became a whole lot more fun!
  22. Healthy Freelance Living Being a freelance writer is not an easy job. You have to make your own deadlines and ensure you meet them. This Pinterest board is a good stress buster for freelance writers. It also gives you some great tips on how to organize your work and ensure that you don’t procrastinate.
  23. How to Edit With everything from infographics and motivational quotes to informative articles and to-do lists, this vast resource will help you find the tips you need to clean up your copy. It is the perfect source to refer to for a clean and interesting first draft.
  24. J.F. Penn This Pinterest account is a visual treat. Find boards for your character inspirations, setting descriptions, mood descriptions and much more! Whether fantasy, horror or fairy tale settings, you will find it all here. Have a look at these images and spice up your story line with significant details.
  25. She’s Novel This account has a countless number of storyboards to take inspiration from. It offers a multitude of thematic pictures from magic and mystery to princesses and witches that will trigger your imagination and enhance your stories and novels.

A novel is a work of art. It’s a product of creativity, imagination and, above all, patience. Once you are done with your manuscript, visit us at Notion Press and discover the joy of self-publishing as we help you convert your first draft into an international bestseller.

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Aishwarya Mukundarajan

Aishwarya is an MBA graduate from Symbiosis International University, Pune. When asked what her hobbies are she points to an overflowing bookcase.

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