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Notion Press’ Latest is a Fascinating Tale of Mythology and Imagination

“Time is fluent. It’s like a river that meanders unceasingly and unswervingly. It neither pauses nor subdues; it lingers nowhere for none. It’s ancient,  contemporary, and imminent synchronized into a single oracle. One succession concludes as the next initiates. We forget, but the soul reminisces it all.” 

Indian mythology is brimming with intriguing stories to be told and retold. There are gods, their children and wives, mystical creatures with divine powers, and magic. It should be no surprise that the best stories are created when real-life facts are vividly merged with imagination.  

It leaves us mesmerized and captivated through myths, history, and a compelling narrative.  Here’s one more: 

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Maya Mohini – End of Yugas  Series – Book 1 by Tazeen, a fantastical tale that is a must-read for every avid reader’s list of books.  

The book follows the narrative of two sisters, Maya and Mohini, who embark on a quest to find a lost prince and protect a kingdom from the brink of war. However, the sisters discover their true selves and each other before the journey concludes.  

It is whispered that the sisters are soul mates and that their interaction is eternal and ongoing.  They are two souls entwined with each other for many lifetimes, and finally, they end up being born as sisters at this particular point.  

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End of Yugas Series

Between the two, there are numerous passions, feelings, and perceptions that have endured, life after life, owing to the persistent interaction of the souls. They are ingrained into their own being and have become an integral part of each other.  

Also, as they grow up, there seems to be a mellowing of the affiliation itself, along with the evolution and ripeness of their souls.  

But what if they were not merely two souls entwined? What if it was one soul experiencing life in two bodies? What would transpire then?

Mohini and Maya: One personification of splendor, elegance, passion, always perceived and treasured. Yearning for the one to complete her and make her a woman.  

While the other is always in the background lurking, waiting, and biding her time, with a power that may be cloaked but can’t be concealed, a complete being in her own self even when her soul was ripped. 

Through Maya Mohini – End of Yugas Series – Book 1, trail their voyage through love and experience a mystical life. It all begins here! 

Maya Mohini – End of Yugas Series – Book 1 author Tazeen is an über urban, country-born, young woman who spends most of her life building stories and creating new worlds in her head. One day, she dreamt of a story that haunted her for months until it was penned down,  resulting in Maya Mohini – End of Yugas Series – Book 1.  

Tazeen lives and works in Bangalore, but her love for the blue mountains never lets her stay away from the country road for too long. 

Grab your copy of Maya Mohini – End of Yugas Series – Book 1 in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore and leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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