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Notion Press Presents a Book of Poetry that reflects the world we live in – Bleak Hope

We’re living in a world where hope seems to dwindle with each day and very soon we may well find ourselves without it. Through the eyes of a teenager, this seems all the more terrifying and dismal because this is their future. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Bleak Hope by Anwesa Chaudhury. This book is a collection of poetry written by a teenager as she lives in anguish and views the destruction of the world with a heavy heart.

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In the present world, death and suffering, wars and destruction, rapid degeneration of the environment and child abuse seem to be a part of everyday life and what a terrible state that is to live in. Nevertheless, in the darkest of times, there is always the hope for light. Even as the world seems to be engulfed in the wave of negativity, the existence of hope cannot be denied. These poems, while they express the despair and despondency that shrouds and suffocates us, speak of that glimmer of hope, the feeling of love and the chance for new beginnings. These poems stand tall as a witness to the hope that struggles to strive, fights to breathe and accomplishes to thrive in the midst of all the gloominess.


However, what sets Bleak Hope by Anwesa Chaudhury miles apart from the world that overflows with lyrical emotions and rhyming agony is the fact that she manages to take a reader through her poignant thoughts, through a journey where they feel exactly what and how she felt such profound emotions, an intense spectrum of sentiments as she merely observes the life around her with absolutely no control over anything. However, she dedicates Bleak Hope to every individual and child who has endured the pain and suffering or is currently experiencing the same as we read, with the gleaming hope that her words would heal their wounds and would piece the broken back together. Bleak Hope will urge you to wake yourself to the harsh realities of the world, to be aware of the realities that run deeper and much more intense than one can ever begin to fathom. This lucid flow of words that represent genuine emotions and expressions would be relatable on various levels.


Anwesa Chaudhury is a teenager. She likes to write about topics that touch her, like the environment, suffering, emotions of a teenager, and life in general. The depth of her poems goes beyond her years. She is also a musician, who writes, composes and sings her own songs.


Anwesa is an extremely empathetic and compassionate young adult. She has been a crusader for the less fortunate from a very young age. She often volunteers at orphanages, bringing the kids the joy of food, clothes, gifts, and essentials. She is passionate about making a difference in the world around her. She is also a crusader for the environment and world peace. She feels that the world is a needlessly cruel place and appeals to make it less so.


Treading on heartfelt topics such as love, peace, humanitarianism, freedom, and abundance for all, Bleak Hope by Anwesa Chaudhury would spark a difference within yourself, like a stream of renewed wisdom gushing beneath the depths of your emotions. The book is available in print and e-book format at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce portals including Amazon and Flipkart.

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