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Notion Press Presents: Dreamtamer and Other Short Stories

Do you often find yourself wanting to read an intense crime thriller, but later left wanting to redeem your terrified soul with a calm, light-hearted read perhaps about love? If so, we have just the right book for you!
Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents, Dreamtamer and Other Short Stories by Avnish Burman Choudhury, an eclectic collection of engrossing tales that won’t cease to delight with stories of fantasy, crime, love, personal growth, and much more!

In the taut opener ‘Survival Spirit’, Sarvesh has to face his deepest fear to save himself from a raging inferno. ‘Dreamtamer’ transports you to a village nestled in the mountains of Nepal where an old man can levitate and fly across the sky. While a few other stories let you ponder within, questioning life, love, self, and everything in between, a gripping thriller takes you to a dingy dark room where an innocent man is held captive by a serial killer. Will he escape, surrender or claim revenge?

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Dreamtamer and Other Short Stories

With tales of supernatural occurrences, fantasy, crime, love, and personal growth, Dreamtamer and Other Short Stories explore multiple genres through a collection of six works of fiction. There’s a little something for everyone and a lot for lovers of a good tale.

The unforgettable characters that populate the pages of this book are vividly and lovingly infused with Avnish’s blend of exuberant prose, humanity, and stylistic imagination. In a visceral and moving act of storytelling, this book promises to take you through a roller coaster of myriad emotions and experiences.

Author Avnish Burman Choudhury is a financial service professional who thoroughly enjoys writing works of fiction. Born in Kolkata, raised in New Delhi, with a year spent in Hyderabad and another in the United Kingdom – he has had varied, enriching experiences in his life; experiences that he sometimes combines with his imagination to weave his tales. His love of writing has seen him write a book in the past (Six Lines in the Sand: Tales of Awakening), and also saw him take a nearly three-year break from financial services to work as a professional ghost-writer. Avnish currently resides in New Delhi, where he has struck a happy balance between the world of financial services and his life as an author.

Dreamtamer and Other Short Stories by Avnish Burman Choudhury are now available across all major eCommerce platforms including the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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