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Notion Press’ Latest is an ode to everyone who has ever fallen in love

Among every other literature form out there, poems and poetry books stand out of the crowd, especially when they gracefully portray the various dynamics of one profound emotion; Love. These works of art capture feelings that transcend time and language, making them the most enduring forms of literature in the world. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Elegant Anxieties and the Magic of Heartache by Pavitra Mohan.

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Elegant Anxieties and the Magic of Heartache

Poetry has been practised in every culture globally and all throughout history. It may be simple or complex; it may challenge traditional ideas of form and structure and has been used as one of our most powerful mouthpieces for activism and change, or for conveying inexpressible love and loss. Elegant Anxieties and the Magic of Heartache by Pavitra Mohan weaves rhythmic verses that delve into every corner of love’s meaning. It takes every reader back to those hidden emotions that they’ve left behind; those emotions that once conquered their hearts and their very existence. The poems composed in this book are handpicked and curated from a collection of poems that the author herself had penned down for a decade and more. The book is divided into 7 chapters that symbolize a powerful connection to nature and revolves around central themes such as falling and being in love, loss and rebirth.


However, through Elegant Anxieties and the Magic of Heartache, author Pavitra Mohan emphasizes on a bigger picture that often becomes unclear and vague for us during our darkest times. These poems come together as one to teach us that life, however big or erratic, even when riddled with heart-breaking events that crumble our core, we are just one decision away from finding hope; strength is just within our reach. Mohan hopes that you would find the resilience that you require within yourself and this book embodies a compass directing you in the right direction. More importantly, this book talks about recognizing the beauty in everyday things; however small and simple. These poems would encourage you to get back up after a fall and continuing the journey called life with a spirit of gratitude and wonder.

Elegant Anxieties and the Magic of Heartache author Pavitra Mohan was born in Chennai, India and spent her summer vacations in Kerala, spellbound by her grandmother’s fables. She wrote her first story recounting the tale of Vikram and Vetal, a series based on a mythological king and a demon, at the tender age of 6. In 2003, she moved to Singapore, to pursue Arts Management where she went on to write a critically acclaimed blog that features South Asian visual art and curated a small design store in Chennai. Mohan moved to the United States with her beloved husband, and indulged into creative explorations and wrote freelance content for several publications. Tragedy struck in 2018 when her husband passed away under unfortunate circumstances, forcing Pavitra to move back to India to cope with this great loss. However, as time passed, she taught herself to heal her grief and despite enormous adversity, found magic in the mundane. At the core of her writing, is a love for the small things, for the ephemeral, for emotions and for romance. Mohan articulates her personal loss and her journey to rise from her circumstances in this book. She currently resides in Chennai and is contemplating her next piece of writing, possibly a novel.

Elegant Anxieties and the Magic of Heartache by Pavitra Mohan would illuminate the path that you have to follow in order to pick up the pieces, to find your voice and rebuild your life from the rubbles. Grab your copy of Elegant Anxieties and the Magic of Heartache in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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