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Notion Press Presents Everything People by Ashfaq Syed

Is the world ever going to be the same again? Can we collectively bounce back to our usual lives or do we have to adapt to the ‘new normal’? While there are several questions lingering in our minds over the pandemic outbreak, one undeniable fact is that the global economy is sinking. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are evident in the Indian Economy as well. How are we going to revive the economy? Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- Everything People by Ashfaq Syed, a new economic system for our future.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of human life from our health to the economic system. While the human race has known widespread famine, war, and plague in the past, the sum of changes occasioned by Covid-19 is unprecedented, because the impact has almost simultaneously reached all regions of the world.
The society may come out of this catastrophe with some positive changes, but a task that several countries will have to face would be to navigate several opportunities and challenges. All in all, this may herald the beginning of a new economic order.

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Everything People by Ashfaq Syed shows that people can do everything in the new economic system. It means people will be organized, create, and manage their own companies (co-operatives) and own technology to manage everything in the new economic system after COVID-19.

As Winston Churchill once said, “Don’t let the crisis go to waste,” it suggests this crisis is an opportunity and we should not let this go waste by slipping back into the same unequal and disastrous capitalist system for workers and people with corporates ruling us.

People gained a good pause from the rat-race and fast-paced world and got time to reflect on their economic life. No matter what level an individual is, 99% of the people were affected. For most of the people, their life has turned upside down. Everyone is saying “life will never be same again.” Then what will it be?

The book provides a practical way people can organize, revive the economy, and democratically participate in business through co-operatives. The book also provides access to technology which can be used to support and manage organizations and co-operatives in different sectors to grow. It shows the way people can enhance their income, reduce their cost of living and help the underprivileged to have a decent life.

Ashfaq Syed, a Social Entrepreneur by heart, always strives to find solutions to the most challenging problems. His strength is in simplifying the most complex problems and providing simple solutions. Never satisfied with the status quo, he always believes that there is a better way of doing things and there is always room for improvement.

His education in the US (M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana Tech University) and career as systems engineer, Technologist, Manager, and lecturer in various fields across continents has given him rich experience in different technology-based systems. These experiences and observations are the sources of this book and the new economic system proposed. This system also becomes inevitable with the visible decline of capitalism in the past 12 years and the collapse of that system during the COVID-19 distress.

His day job is to work as a technology architect (Phapa technologies, Bangalore, India) where he is designing and implementing the very technology platform required for the new economic system.

This book is not supposed to be be-all-end-all for the new economic system. It is work-in-progress and the author wants people to join and complete it. He is available at ashfaqsyed26@gmail.com for feedback and conversation.
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