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Notion Press Presents: Folktales of Faujpur by Gaurav Bajpai

Old parents, abandoned and left with memories of their children. A young independent, headstrong girl with a weight of expectations on her shoulders is betrayed by her love. A teenage girl tries hard to be the link between her estranged parents to get her childhood back. Friends who are drifted apart by deceit and broken expectations come together after a decade. Fighting age and lost stardom, a veteran actor desperately tries to get her old life back. A young couple takes their first flight together, an adventure that they would always cherish. These are not just stories but experiences and interactions for most of us. This book has tried to get these experiences, interactions, and stories together in one place by making them a part of one imaginary town called Faujpur. The author hopes for you to read them, experience them and share them. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents Folktales of Faujpur by Gaurav Bajpai, a collection of urban short stories.

Folktales of Faujpur shines a light on the everyday life of city dwellers of the imaginary city of Faujpur.

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Folktales of Faujpur

Cities are not just buildings, roads and parks but people, their experiences, their belief, and their memories. The author believes that stories are all around us, in the places we visit, the people we meet and the conversations we make. While some stories go unnoticed, some are worth remembering and revisiting. This book encompasses 11 such contemporary short stories that speak for themselves. Set across varied locations common to a city such as a railway station, beach, hospital, Airport, bookstore and more, these urban folktales have captured the hopes, dreams, and experiences from the imaginary city of Faujpur and of its people. Inspired and sourced from the author’s life experiences and the people he met, each story in this book regains the very voice that it deserves, to claim its limelight, to enlighten you, engross you and most importantly, touch your heart!

Author Gaurav grew up in Kanpur, a city on the banks of the Holy Ganga. Stories became a part of his daily life, whether they were at a temple, near the Ghats or away from his mother. Fascinated by the same, he started daydreaming and giving life to many such tales. As a finance professional, he travelled extensively, discovering and meeting exciting people and being a part of their life and experiences. Finally, he moved back to India from New Jersey and took a sabbatical to get these experiences on paper. Folktales of Faujpur is his first step in storytelling, as he promises to keep writing many more.

He currently resides in Gurgaon with his wife and his seven-year-old daughter. When he is not writing, he goes on food adventures to try various cuisines and spends time with his daughter; making a birdhouse or going on bike rides around his neighbourhood.

Folktales of Faujpur by Gaurav Bajpai is now available across all major e-commerce channels including Amazon, Flipkart and the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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