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Notion Press’ Latest is a perfect blend of Love and thriller

In addition to its scenic beauty, Bengal is home to another enthralling feature. The state fantastic boasts of numerous writers, and of course, includes Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. While worldwide readers are drawn to their rich tradition and authentic tales, here is a self-made entrepreneur showcasing the beauty of her home through an enchanting love story based on real-life events. This is not just a simple love story, but a truly exciting romantic thriller!

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Goddess of Skies by Reshmi Mukherjee, the compelling story of the life of love between soulmates. 

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Goddess of Skies

Reshmi Mukherjee’s Goddess of Skies happens in the 1980s of West Bengal. The story takes the reader into the captivating beauty of rural Bengal and introduces them to the lives of Indirani and Sourav. As a young, spiritual, and god-fearing girl of nineteen, Indirani lives with her family in her ancestral home in Srirampur. Her formative years were wrapped up in a protective nutshell of her family’s rich traditions. Charming, and exquisite, this young woman is also strikingly gorgeous and surreal. When she meets Sourav, a handsome yet rugged man of science, she believes that the two of them are destined together.

Young Sourav spent most of his time mastering math and engineering. During his formative years, he learned to keep his emotions under control and projects a strong screen of logic & practicality. He discovers that his pragmatic beliefs slowly dissolve when he meets Indrani, a relationship of a lifetime.

A perfect, loving life begins with their wedding, surrounded by love, affection, and tradition. When all seems well, an eerie turn of events separates this couple mercilessly on the fateful morning of 20th Dec 1990. Nobody really knows what happened between them. The greatest curse anyone could ever receive is love, perhaps!

The tale of Indrani and Sourav is a mystery that will have readers flipping through pages at breakneck speed.

Reshmi Mukherjee is a small-town girl from West Bengal who followed her dreams to Mumbai and now Dubai. Besides running three successful businesses, she is a passionate writer. 

Goddess of Skies is her tribute to a story that is needed by the world. The intensely crafted characters in the novel and the gripping storyline are sure to charm as well as shock the readers. An adventure tale with an archaic nostalgia mixed with a contemporary interpretation of the past, this book has a soul that will make even cynics shed tears.

Grab your copy of Goddess of Skies by Reshmi Mukherjee in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore and amongst leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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