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Notion Press launches a book that speaks of the future that awaits if we don’t make a change.

When we think of the future, realistically speaking, we are actually regressing as a society and not progressing. The truth is, the youth of today hold the answers to building a better future and unless we accept the fact, we are soon going to fade away into nothingness.

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Heaven Descends On Our Earth

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, brings you Heaven Descends On Our Earth by Manik Saikia, a book that tells the story of a revolution started by two young leaders, Alex Mandela from South Africa and Charles Hope from the USA. Set in the future, the story is narrated by Shankar who has lived an exceptionally long life—completing an incredible 145 years on January 1, 2100.

Having lived through the varied transformations of human society, he also witnesses the fruit borne from the choices of the youth. A reality check for us, this book addresses all the problems the world is currently facing and urges us to choose a future that we will survive in and not to self-destruct.

Ready to explore the secrets of our future? Conflicted over your choices? Then grab your copy of the book on notionpress.com or on other leading e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

About the author:

Manik Saikia is a chemical engineer by profession. He has worked for 35 years in an Indian Oil refinery, situated in Digboi, an idyllic place in the far-east corner of Assam, where crude oil was first discovered in India. He was a child when China launched a brutally aggressive attack on Northeast India in 1962. The event was nightmarish—particularly for the young children of the Northeast—and left dark impressions on the author’s young mind.

Born and brought up in culturally-rich Assam, he grew up to be sensitive and always cherished dreams of a blissful world. Heaven Descends on Our Earth is an outcome of these dreams implanted inside his head.

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