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Notion Press’ Latest Social Commentary – I Am a Girl

A journey that takes us across many spectrums in search of the answer to this all-important question – What is most important for a girl? Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents I Am a Girl by Kulbhushan Ojha. This story revolves around Anaya, a girl who lives in Mumbai with her family and how she starts to question what is the most important thing for a girl. 

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I Am a Girl

The most pressing question that constantly nags at her mind is whether she should choose The guy who taught her to love or the guy who taught her to dream? The guy who considers her his life? Or, should she pick the guy who gave her life? Her father. Follow Anaya as she begins the journey of a lifetime searching for the right answer. Will she find what she is searching for or will her question remain forever unsolved and her curiosity never sated. This is the story of a girl who shows us what it is to be a girl.

Kulbhushan Ojha was born in Bangalore and did his graduation from Don Bosco College of Science and Management. He started his career with Flipkart Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. and continues to work there. A voracious reader, his interest includes writing, movies (Salman Khan’s) and listening to music. He aspires to make it big in the field of learning and development and is working hard for it. Journey of Love to Life was his debut novel, which was his own autobiography, got a fabulous response from his readers. His second novel, I Hate Love You, which was a story on ‘love to hate’ also got an incredible response from the readers, and now he is out with his third book I Am a Girl.

Inspired by the events around his environs, his stories seem realistic. He loves to pen down his thoughts whenever he gets time.

He is available at rk.kulbhushanojha@gmail.com or you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram (Princekb).

The book is available in print and e-book format at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce portals including Amazon and Flipkart.

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