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Notion Press’ Latest is a vivid portrayal of love and its intense dynamics

Poetry is not just a thing of the Shakespearean past. Rather, it is one of the most beautiful forms of literature and a profound way to express the human spirit as it encounters love, pain, grief, despair, and enlightenment. Whether your heart is shattered or brimming with joy, a good poem can express and relate all of this and more. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents In The Middle Of Love, an ode to the most intense of feelings; love, by Kriti Tyagi.
There is something special about love poetry. Love is a deep and varied emotion connecting to everything from romance and family to religion and nature. These feelings transcend time and languages to make love poems as some of the most enduring works of the literature world. In The Middle of Love by Kriti Tyagi is a poetry book that delves into the dynamics of love, romance and intimacy between two star-crossed lovers. These poems distinctly portray those tender moments of joyous and innocent love that soon translates into haunting memories which are etched into their minds. Through the poems in In The Middle of Love, Tyagi strives to paint an accurate depiction of the intensity of love as an emotion to an individual. Moreover, the book succeeds to makes us feel the very intense emotion that love is and gives us a clearer picture of how we see and express our feelings to the world and our lovers when we are blinded by love.

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In the middle of love

In The Middle of Love by Kriti Tyagi is a collection of poems that are about romances, the emotions and feeling that we share for someone we love, and more importantly, it talks about the love in the today’s day and age. These poems vibrantly describe the moments that are shared by people in their daily lives irrespective of living together or being far apart. These rhythmic rhyming verses describe the endless imaginations of being in heaven and on the stars by couples who are in love. Moreover, these poems give you a reader about the kind of emotions that one experiences through the course of life, from being young and to growing old, from losing a loved one to unfortunate instances and the heartbreak from hearing their lover’s final words.
In The Middle Of Love author, Kriti Tyagi is currently a student of Commerce and Psychology. With an undying passion for poetry, she started writing at a very young age. She understands the emotion of love on a deeper level and shares an interesting perspective that love and affection are great motives for living beings. She speaks about intimate moments that are shared between people and how they can completely redirect a person’s life. Tyagi believes that one can be inspired by anything which makes her write and express what she observes through her work.
In The Middle of Love by Kriti Tyagi is a perfect depiction of love and the various dynamics of the same. Grab your copy of In The Middle of Love in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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