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Notion Press’ Latest is a Collection of Recipes Passed Down Through Generations!

“The power of food is really spiritual. It not only brings the whole family together on the same table but also brings the whole world together.” ― Vikas Khanna. 

Indian cuisine is known to offer an experience unlike any. With a plethora of delicacies and recipes inspired by complexities and diversities from across the country, it is impossible for anyone to attain exposure to the nation’s entire culinary heritage.  

Today, regional recipes are finally having their moment in the sun, with people craving for simplicity and the desire to indulge in wistful nostalgia of their hometowns and childhood days amid their hectic corporate lifestyles.  

Now, access to such flavorful food from any corner of the nation, be it a pop-up store by a  home chef or a fancy restaurant, is limitless. We can now experience cuisines from Kashmir to  Kerala when we dine out. What’s more! Whip up these delicacies at your wish in your kitchen for your family with ease! 

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Indian Snacks, Preserves and  Sweets by Kshama Chandra, Renu Rajesh and Richa Rajesh, a delectable cookbook that celebrates the sheer range of regional cuisines in India. 

This vividly portrayed cookbook is a compilation of Indian vegetarian dishes that include snacks,  preserves (including pickles and accompaniments), and sweets made during several Indian festivals and special occasions. In fact, within these pages, you would find rare family recipes that were developed and perfected by the authors over three decades.  

Co-author Richa Rajesh recollects, “My mother, Mrs Renu Rajesh and aunt, Mrs Kshama  Chandra, were the first generation of women in their family to have graduated from high school. They learnt and evolved these recipes over time when there was not much information  nor classes available in Patna – the city where they spent some years of their youth together.” 

Over the years, the authors had travelled around the country and lived in different towns,  picking and curating recipes from friends and neighbours, tweaking and innovating them over time. 

All across the country, festivals and auspicious events like marriage, childbirth, house-warming,  and so on, are precious moments where families and friends bond over exquisite dishes as part of sharing nature’s abundant blessings. Indian Snacks, Preserves and Sweets follows the vibrant theme of such occasions often followed by Indian households from across the nation. Hence,  

the book includes exclusive recipes that were ritually made at homes during such times.  

Through Indian Snacks, Preserves and Sweets, authors Kshama Chandra, Renu Rajesh and Richa  Rajesh offers you an assortment for the Indian version of a High Tea Table.  

Co-author Kshama Chandra was born in Jhansi and raised in Mumbai. She was married just after her matriculation. She was an exemplary cook as she had a keen interest to learn everything from her mother, who was an accomplished lady of her time. Currently, Chandra lives with her two sons, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in New Delhi. 

Co-author Renu Rajesh was born in Patna and was married in her late teens. Her husband was in the civil services, and hence, she had the opportunity to live in various cities across India,  including Kolkata, New Delhi, Mangalore, and Mumbai. Rajesh has widely travelled across India and the globe. Now, she is settled with her husband, son, and daughter in Gurgaon.  

Co-author Richa Rajesh is a practising lawyer and lives with her parents and brother in Gurgaon.  She is an avid reader and has written on a whole host of subjects related to food, travel,  children’s education and so on. Richa has been cooking since her college days, but it is her mother’s and aunt’s recipes that had inspired her to author a series of cookbooks. 

If you enjoy cooking Indian meals at home, this cookbook will expand your culinary repertoire!  Grab your copy of Indian Snacks, Preserves and Sweets by Kshama Chandra, Renu Rajesh and  Richa Rajesh in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore and leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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