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As we keep learning and stumbling upon fresh discoveries in the world, science tends to blend in with spirituality. However, to see the ultimate truth in front of us, we must believe. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publication platform, presents Kailash – Faith and Beyond, an insight into the mysteries of Mount Kailash penned by Dr. Jagdish Kaur. Kailash – Faith and Beyond is a well-researched composition on the holy mount, Kailash. It expounds on the various theories and researches behind the innumerable mysteries that the mighty mountain holds. As the sacred Kailash is thronged every year by devotees, individuals visiting this pilgrimage site have experienced varying degrees of spiritual and enigmatic experiences. In fact, the book elaborates upon the experiences of various researchers who have tried to study the holy mountain.

Mount Kailash is said to hold the key to various questions that humans have been curious about since the beginning of time. The narrative goes on to explain the significance of Mount Kailash in the major religions of the world, where it continues to embrace multiple roles, be it as being the abode of the gods or the path to attaining nirvana. It continuously strives to explain the different perspectives of Mount Kailash in other popular faiths.

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Kailash-Faith and Beyond

The author takes readers through a thought-provoking journey by detailing the intricacies of the mountain and the scientific rationale behind the traditions and beliefs surrounding the place through tangible historical evidence. Moreover, the book tries to decode the concept of spiritual mysticism embedded within the mountains.
Author Dr. Jagdish Kaur is a medical doctor and a senior public health expert living in New Delhi, India.

She is well-traveled in India and abroad, and has a deep interest in the history and culture of our country. She had conducted intense research on Arunachal Pradesh for several years and authored her debut book in 2015, “Arunachal Pradesh – Rediscovering Hinduism in the Himalayas”. More recently, she had been researching the Kailash region for the past few years, and is presenting the evidence in her second book, “Kailash- Faith and Beyond”.

Kailash – Faith and Beyond involves the many disciplines of science, history and the evolving nature of human consciousness, the shifting cultural landscape, and the collated inner experience in providing a newfound insight into the ancient writings.
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