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Notion Press Presents- King of Bollywood by Amit Sathe

King of Bollywood gets kidnapped. Hysteria, Chaos, Political manoeuvring and the media frenzy follows.  Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- King of Bollywood by Amit Sathe.

The book takes you through the happenings around the kidnapping of Kumar Omkar Bharadwaj, India’s most revered superstar. While Bollywood comes to a standstill, the reactions of the superstar’s fans, the media circus that ensues, the journey of the hysteria that follows the kidnapping and the police investigation of this incident comprise the narrative if this thrilling novel.

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King of Bollywood

The Author vows to take your through a roller-coaster of emotions through this engrossing read.

Amit Sathe is an agriculture graduate with an MBA in marketing. He has worked in Agriculture, Advertising, Real Estate, Architecture & Design, and a Tech Start-up. His professional journey spans across four continents and varies from being a Business Head of a 3000 Cr business to running 3 Startups, the earliest one at the age of 20.

A theatre actor, a bathroom singer and an avid marathoner, Amit’s interests are as diverse as his experiences. These very experiences can be seen in his writing, capturing details of Mumbai, as well as the nuances of mannerisms in his well-defined characters. Amit’s writing reflects his expansive journey across the hinterlands of India as an Agriculture student and entrepreneur to the reflections of international travels, all assimilating in this book.

You can now get your copy of King of Bollywood on the Notion Press Online Store.

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