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Notion Press Presents Kismet by Sushma Harish

“Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.” – Catherine Pulsifer

True to this quote, life presents us with several opportunities, choices, chances and several important decisions to make at varied stages. Most people don’t know the profound effects of making life decisions. Often times, we go through life oblivious to what thoughts we are thinking and what actions we are taking. But what happens when a decision you make takes the wrong turn? Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents Kismet by Sushma Harish.

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Don’t we all often make life’s choices considering the interest of our dear ones and our family? What if life’s incidents reverse, overweigh joys and throw disappointments at you?

We attempt and bounce back in life optimistically, don’t we? Or sometimes, these incidents themselves turn into serendipity.

Set across India and the Middle East, with a narrative that traverses from early 2000 to the current times Kismet is a multitude of experiences in life by Akash, the protagonist.

Akash Shetty loves his family dearly and lives up to their expectations and happiness. Why did his sibling devastate his family? What was the impact it had Akash’s life choices?
Akash lands in Qatar for a short term project. What incident leaves him emotionally devastated, and how can he turn it into serendipity?

As a story of love, hate, culture, philosophy and humanity, the book challenges one’s perceptions towards life. There lives an Akash within many of us, who reminds us that Kismet or Destiny can be turned into a stroke of serendipity.

By opening a window into the life of Akash, the book takes you on a journey to self-discovery and self-actualization. As Akash’s outlook towards life alters, the book vows to create a lasting impact in the mind of the reader.

Author Sushma Harish is an Engineer of the 2000 batch-based in Manipal. With a flair for writing from her school days, she turned a part-time blogger in 2006. Soon as she retired voluntarily from her full-time job, and after winning a few bloggers awards, she turned into a serious storyteller. She is an established Toastmaster too. Kismet is her debut book in the long list of her dream works.

Kismet by Sushma Harish is now available on Amazon, Flipkart and the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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