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Notion Press Presents Labyrinth by Mustafa Mun

Do you ever put life in the perspective of a puzzle to be solved or a maze to get through? With several obstacles through its course, we make the wrong moves, hit dead ends, lose time and meander in wrong directions, twisted and turned at unexpected places. But wouldn’t it be great if life was a neatly organised picture-perfect affair? Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents Labyrinth by Mustafa Mun, your personal handbook on getting through the maze of life.

Labyrinth which means a maze or puzzle analyses the puzzle that is life through short thoughts which will relate to each individual on a personal note.

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For some people, life can be quite simple, like a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle that is not that difficult to put together. For others, however, it might take more time, patience and effort, to complete it and find all of those missing pieces and then place them where they belong.

It takes courage to stop and listen because to do so means we must be willing to be wrong. Assumptions fall away and new pathways will open when our need to control morphs into curiosity with a willingness to change and move forward. Healing comes through embracing what is. Strength is found in quiet places of surrender. Acceptance brings peace. And this book is your chance to stop, listen, act and heal for a greater future, a greater destiny.

Author Mustafa Mun is a Clinical Psychologist from Mumbai, India and has a passion for writing and understanding human behaviour. Mustafa has a natural talent in writing and has developed writing as a hobby along with managing his family business of manufacturing perfumes and cosmetics and clinical research.

Labyrinth is a collection of thoughts, a piece of work designed to open the eyes of the people who wish to know the meaning of life and their existence. Labyrinth by Mustafa Mun is now available on Amazon, Flipkart and on the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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