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Notion Press’ Latest is a comprehensive handbook on one of India’s green communities

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Author Robert Swan. This community/ township in Thane, Maharashtra has taken upon itself to transform the way we build our towns and how we manage our urban spaces. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents the ultimate guide to living at one of India’s green communities, Life at Urbania by Giridhar Pai.

A sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle are changes that can be adopted by us in our way of living, in order to reduce your carbon footprint and the heavy impact on the natural resources generously offered by Mother Nature. Through the way we build our urban spaces to small, yet significant, changes in our daily routines and habits, starting from food and transport to managing waste and energy, we can adopt such alternatives and play our part of saving the world. Life at Urbania by Giridhar Pai explains in detail about the different aspects of life and the experiences that you can be a part of while residing at Thane’s green community, Rustomjee Urbania. Exclusively written for the residents of the Urbania township, this book comprises of invaluable information about the township such as shopping, commuting, recreation, and so much more. This book comes in handy for individuals and families who are looking forward to leading a sustainable lifestyle and raising a family in such green communities.

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Urbania excels at planning and managing land use efficiently. Additionally, with effective transport services and urban designs integrated into constructing Urbania, the township lives their own unique combination of sustainable urbanization, and thereby, creating an equitable and accessible built environment. Communities designed with such innovative principles in mind are bound to provide safer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives for all their residents. Would you be interested in knowing all the trees at the Urban Farming Zone? Or read about residents who recycle plastic, conserve water, and grow their own organic vegetables? How would you like to learn about the different species of birds at Urbania?

Life at Urbania by Giridhar Pai is the answer to all those questions and offers incredible insight into the life that one can lead at Urbania. Researched for over four years, this book is a kaleidoscope to life at Urbania and a useful guide to those looking to relocate to this township. Long-time residents of this green community are bound to find it useful as a source of information unavailable anywhere else. Life at Urbania has been compiled through primary research during site visits to the places described and has information on commuting, shopping, eating out, and recreation. A list of places described in the book is accessible on Google Maps, helping the reader easily access each of the sites mentioned In the guide.

Life at Urbania author Giridhar Pai is a senior management professional who is currently advising a company, and also guiding the Indian Pest Control Industry. He studied Forestry and Horticulture, after which, he launched his career as a Food Safety Manager. Pai has spent most of his career in services; heading businesses for two-thirds of his 20-year stint in the pest control industry.

Starting with online reviews, Pai has been writing for 20 years and used to share his content among his family, friends, and acquaintances initially. He has been publishing on LinkedIn for over 5 years and is a leading Indian contributor on the site. Pai started publishing two online newsletters in 2019, one for Times of Urbania, a weekly community newsletter and now compiled into Life at Urbania, and another for PCO Mentor, a weekly publication to assist pest control professionals across India. His forte is to find out and highlight about matters that are not yet published. In his quest, he writes on a range of subjects including travel, religion, health, food, agriculture, ecology, management, and much more. Pai is an environmentalist, gardener, photographer, and traveller. Currently, he lives at Thane with his wife and son.

Life at Urbania by Giridhar Pai is the go-to handbook to learn more about Urbania, Thane’s green community and is an inspiration to live a more authentic, sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. Grab your copy of Life at Urbania in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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