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Notion Press’ Next Book is New-Found Way of Healing Oneself

Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing platform is launching a book that comes from a teenager who spells her emotions in the form of beautiful verses. The book, ‘Love Comes Full Circle’ is a book that gives you the courage to shed your emotions and find a way to heal yourself. Love is the most compelling and influencing emotion, and there is nothing that love cannot move. But, the very same feeling can also put you into distress and you might be saddened when your heart is broken. It is at this time that you struggle or rather are unable to find a way to move on.

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Love comes full circle

So, here is a book, where the author, a teenager, talks about how she finds a way, unique in her own abilities, to vent her emotions out, and feel lighter. Sometimes in life, you might want to shed these emotions to no one, but still you are itching to vent it out. Then, a pen and paper is all you need. Pull out the pen, and then let the thoughts in you turn the ink into words.

If you are someone who has found yourself in pain when you heart is broken, then pick this book from India’s largest self-publishing platform or one of the leading e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart.

Speaking about the book launch, the budding author, Anshita Mehrotra, says, “I am excited about my book hitting the stands today. I hope that the audience loves it and am eagerly looking forward to hear it from the people.”

The author in the making, Anshita was six, when she first wrote a poem. It was about love, of course, not that she knew much about it, she just needed a reason to write. She was sixteen when her heart first broke, and nineteen when she decided she wanted to share her method of healing with the rest of the world. She currently lives in Gurgaon, India with her parents, younger brother, grandmother and dog, Marbles.

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