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Notion Press Presents Love That Made Me by Jugraj Singh

Love holds the ultimate power to make or break you. It is truly said that love is an inevitable presence that cannot be escaped. It is present in the people you meet, the conversations you make, the situations you face, and most importantly, the life you lead. It shapes the human you evolve to be, but always keeping you wondering, what does love truly mean?
Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- Love That Made Me by Jugraj Singh, Reflections on Love, Pain, Longing, and Hope. 

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Love That Made Me

And once again,

the clouds from yesterday came,

And asked me to surrender my soul,

Showing me pity, laughing on my face,

They told me I have lost it all,

With rage I replied,

I still have my breath left,

I am still encouraged,

I’ll still pursue my life,

There’s a lot unfolded,

I am yet to be discovered,

I have a name to fame,

A heart to be loved,

My soul to explore,

And a body to conclude. 

This is a story of how love gave an ordinary man, an extraordinary zest for life.  The love showered by his parents, friends, and family, the love of his younger cousins, and all the possible love of the people who matter to him, shaped him to become the man he is today. Shining light on the mistakes that the author made in his life, the book highlights the lessons every mistake taught him. Showcasing his distinctive flair for creative writing, and combining his passion for poetry, the author has attempted to fit his plethora of emotions within the pages of this book. Life often takes us in paths and directions that we never plan to take, and Love That Made Me is a true reflection of the path Jugraj took in the most unexpected of times and ways. Bringing together love, romance, pain, drama, and poetry, this book has something for everyone!

Author Jugraj Singh is a 23-year-old who holds a true passion for life. As a free soul, his wanderlusts are in search of peace and love. He is a man of heart standing tall and facing every problem with a smile. He was born and brought up in India but migrated to America. The Author loves penning poetry in Hindi, Punjabi and English and is always ready to narrate their stories of his. His motto is to make others feel comfortable and relaxed while they accompany him. 

Love That Made Me by Jugraj Singh is now available across all e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, and the Notion Press online bookstore. Grab your copy now!

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