NP Recommends – Week #1 – Best of Fiction

Let us tell you what it’s like to be an Indie Author!
When you write your first book, you pour your heart and soul into creating something beautiful for everyone to love. You could even say it’s like creating your very own startup and you are the Entrepreneur!
We want to go the extra mile and help this fascinating community of Indie Authorpreneurs. Which is why starting today we are dedicating every Monday to showcase the latest and the best books published by our Indie authors in a segment we call – NP Recommends!

To kick things off, we would like to introduce to you the best Indie Fiction books from last month, handpicked by our editors.


10 women, 10 stories, Held together by their love-hate relationship for India. This book is a collection of short stories taking us through the lives of women who are…Not Really Indian. Get your copy here!



When a mysterious stranger on Twitter summons a group of friends to meet up at a ‘haunted’ location every Saturday night, they have no idea how drastically their lives are going to change. This paranormal quest starts to play with their psyche and things take several chilling turns. Find out how they escape from the sinister world of Hauntup! Get your copy here!


MYLA: Insurrection

Struggling to come to terms with the gruesome murder of her entire family, Elite Agent Myla returns home to find proof that there is a lot more to the situation than meets the eye. Will she avenge her family? Get your copy here!



In a race to save his friend’s life, Erluc stumbles upon a fragment of the prophecy that had cemented his destiny a thousand years ago. Read about his quest to stop the Mortal Realms from tearing themselves apart, in The Promise of the Warrior. Get your copy here!


OKOZBO: The Annihilation

The intergalactic forces and the superhuman forces are at war, as they battle their way through obstacles in the final part of the Okozbo trilogy, only one thing is certain – There are no winners in this war. Get your copy here!

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