NP Recommends Week #15 – Women in Poetry

How have you been? Over the years we have seen many great women make their name in the field of literature with their beautiful poetry. Poetry, like so many art forms, has a way of expressing the inexpressible and exposing human nature through musical rhythms, vivid imagery, and powerful metaphors. Throughout history, female poets have used their voices to be catalysts for social and political change, and their words are just as important today as they ever have been.

So this week in our segment NP Recommends, our editors have picked the best poetry books published by our Indie Authors. You can use our Read Instantly platform to begin reading these books online even as your physical copy makes its way to your doorstep. Here is a list of books you should check out.


Reflections Untold

By Komal Oza

Reflections Untold – Expression of Realism is the first collection of poems written with an experience of different phases and people in life. It is a perfect read to connect to the various aspects of your life. It is deep and soulful with meaningful and known experiences that every person goes through. Easy to connect to through a relatable structure of poems, the book will surely touch your heart. Enlighten yourself with poems that are real because you can see yourself in them.  Click here to read instantly.

Half Stars, Half Sins

By Anupama Manral

Half stars, half sins is a collection of poetry and prose about humans as a mix of stars flowing in their veins and the sins that are a part of their being. By taking inspiration from the night sky, the writer has captured the unspoken stories in the stars, the moon and the space between them. She writes about stars and sins because of the ending she has become familiar with. Her words are the second-best place to hide her stories in, and the first has always been in the galaxies beneath her skin. Click here to read instantly.

Love Beyond Love

By J. Vijayalakshmi

The book Love Beyond Love is about the very essence of life—LOVE and attaining the supreme consciousness of AUM. The search of the human soul for true love, whether it is momentary or transcendental, keeps the world moving. The themes of love, feminism, search for the supreme consciousness and the futility of time and space brims with rich imagery and exuberant passion. The question “Who am I?” as a social being and a spiritual source resonate unanswered in the entire realms of existence. Click here to read instantly.


Heavenly Bodies and Human Things

By Regina Gurung

Heavenly Bodies and Human Things is a collection of poems that delve into living on the dark side. Unapologetically exploring the calm and chaos of the night, echoing the traumas of sexual assault, unrequited love, hope for an ex-lover, and a quest for home in a foreign land, the poems echo the intricacies of human emotions with brutal honesty. Click here to read instantly.

Musings of My Mind

By Suzanne Alexy

‘Musings of My Mind’ is a beautiful book on poetry, by 16-year-old writer, Suzanne Alexy, who has weaved her thoughts, emotions and experiences as a compilation of poems and songs, penned between the age of 8 and 16. This is a ‘coming of age’ poetry book, a labour of love that transcends childhood to teens. While the poems have a classic touch of rhyme and rhythm, the spectrum she covers resonates with a contemporary context.  Some will tickle your funny bone, some will tug your heart, some will have you shed a tear and some will put you in deep thought. Click here to read instantly.
We hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more books!

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