NP Recommends Week #20 – The New Normal

How have you been? The last few months have been chaotic and have forced a lot of businesses to adapt to the “New Normal”. Businesses that had plans to go digital in 5 years have been forced to go digital in 5 days. As an entrepreneur, this can be intimidating and challenging. 


So this week in our segment NP Recommends, our editors have picked some of our best Non-Fiction Titles in Business & Management. You can use our Read Instantly platform to begin reading these books online even as your physical copy makes its way to your doorstep. Here is a list of books you should not miss.


Mask Behind the Face

Anil P Goel

The riveting story full of anecdotes from his experience in the Tata Group will help finance professionals, CEOs and Board members to navigate the high seas of business that is prone to ‘future shock’ and uncertainties. This is a great ringside view from the author who was often in the ring himself. Click here to read.

The Horse Shoe Man

Rakhi Kapoor

This book captures in its pages the story of a first-generation entrepreneur’s struggles and victories. Vijay Kapoor, the founder of Derby Men’s wear, started his journey in the year 1994. Derby Men’s wear is a men’s apparel brand, popular in south India, with over sixty-eight stores, headquartered out of Chennai, India.

Vijay Kapoor started his journey with two tailoring machines, a two-hundred square feet size store, a capital of two lakh rupees, a heart filled with dreams and a mind full of ideas. The purpose of sharing his story is to inspire people to reaffirm their faith in themselves. 

Nobody has it easy for himself or herself in life. No one gets everything right in his or her personal or professional lives from the start. Obstacles are not meant to block our progress. Challenges are meant to help us grow. Adversity is the time for innovation. A comeback after a setback is possible only if we don’t give up on ourselves.

In these pages, a love story is narrated simultaneously. It is an unconventional story of how two individuals find love against all odds through a journey of self-discovery. Click here to read.

Demystifying Digital Transformation

Nishith Sharan And Tushar Khosla

Digital transformation is inevitable, for organisations who seek to remain relevant in the future. The objective of any digital transformation is to innovatively apply the technology stack to reinvent the organisation and the way in which it will engage with the customer to deliver value to them.

Given that each organisation has a unique DNA with distinctive aspirations, the digital journey need to be individually crafted with a clear purpose, technology choices, and implementation specifics. Leaders will be called upon to take well-informed and deliberative decisions that have enormous implications and could very well define the future of the organisation.

This book provides the necessary framework to assist leaders to define their transformation agenda and execution specifics. Authors present an integrated approach, covering technological, strategic and organisational perspectives while pointing out the decisions that need to be considered at various milestones during the digital transformation journey.

This is an essential handbook for the industry leaders and transformation professionals as they embark on the digital transformation journey. Click here to read.


Disruptive Digital

Anuj Pandey



The famous quote from Charles Darwin seems apt for the Disruptive Digital Era, moving beyond the realms of physical limitations, opening new frontiers, and changing the fundamentals along the way. As a result, we are seeing the creation of highly Agile, Fearless and Hyper-Connected Digital Enterprise, willing to take on the world with unknowns at a rate never seen before. This book is a guiding lens for those established enterprises, who are weathering the storm, trying to re-invent themselves amidst disruptions, that are threatening to take away their very existence. And also to the budding ones with a blue-eyed approach to win the market and make an impact on their customers. This book will offer transformation leaders with

Frameworks for transformation driven Disruptive MindsetBuilding Blocks for the New Age Disruptive Digital EnterpriseEngagement Models to measure the impact of Customer EngagementDigital Maturity Model, Toolkits and Assessment FrameworkBuilding a Roadmap Design

Disruptive Digital is richly illustrated with real-world examples from Netflix, GE, Microsoft, Uber, Nike etc. along with detailed case studies of Indian Railways and Amazon, analyzing their digital maturity and roadmap moving forward. The book introduces a fresh perspective and innovative model to guide leaders and their teams in expanding their capacity to engage in the new disruptive era. Click here to read.



Lalit Jagtiani

By creating a fictional company supported by actual situations encountered by him, during the many change and transformation interventions that he has been led and been a part of, the author, Lalit Jagitani has presented practical wisdom without compromising the confidentiality of the organisations. His storytelling narrative seen through the lens of a change agent enables sharing of lived content and nuances making this genre a powerful and entertaining way to transfer tacit knowledge.

WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS…A Story of Organisational Transformation provokes reflection and opportunities that are enduring and enable the reader to come to real grips with the daunting task of mastering techniques to usher change. Click here to read.



We hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more books!

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