NP Recommends Week #3 – Best Of Non Fiction

It’s been two weeks since we launched NP Recommends, an email that goes out to over 250,000 book lovers every Monday, with a list of books our editors have fallen in love with. This is also our way of showcasing talented Independent authors and their wonderful creations to the world.

This week, we would like to explore the world of Non-Fiction books with you! Here are a few Indie authors our editors recommend you get started with.

42 Mondays

By K. Jayanth Murali

Ever wondered how the Police Force in our country tackles rampant crime? 42 Mondays is an enthralling read on how the Police Force cracks down on crime using emerging technologies like AI, AR, VR and even nanotechnology! Click here to get your copy.

A Salesperson’s Honeymoon

By Avinash Kunchurkar

If you are a Salesperson that needs a crystal clear picture of where exactly to focus your efforts to maximise your sales, this book is for you. It works in all aspects of the business. It shows you a whole new dimension of your work. We highly recommend this book. Click here to get your copy.


By Pranjal Kamra

This book unveils secrets of the stock market and busts popular myths and misconceptions as well. Investonomy is an initiative to empower existing, as well as potential, investors like you. Click here to get your copy.

Setback Leadership

By Srijata Bhatnagar

Every setback in our life has the potential to be a leadership breakthrough. As you read this book, you will learn the tools, techniques and strategies used by them. In turn, this will equip you to handle your setbacks like a pro – and turn every adversity into an opportunity of a lifetime! Click here to get your copy.

The Procrastinator’s Mind

By Balivada

Often when we procrastinate, we have some work that we are running away from, a task that poses a fear in terms of our self-esteem, effort or ability. During this time, we go on a binge to understand and solve our procrastination. This book intends to help one procrastinate less by building awareness of the subconscious and conscious processes within a procrastinator. Click here to get your copy.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more of our finest indie authors!

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