NP Recommends Week #8 – Words that Inspire

We hope the books we have recommended over the last few weeks have kept you busy during the lockdown. This week in our segment, NP Recommends, we have explored some beautiful poetry published by our Indie Poets. You can instantly begin reading these books online while your physical copy makes its way to your doorstep using our Read Instantly Platform. Here is a list to get cosy with.


A Dreamy Quilt of Treasured Memories

By Baani Mehandru

This book is a collection of scintillating poems from a denarian’s point of view, who pens down the obstacles and the reminiscing moments that came along during the journey of her life. Each poem attempts to create a connection with the reader, where you’d find yourself sharing and identifying with a similar moment or emotions in your life. With every page you flip, you will find a new theme being unveiled. This anthology of poems explores the different facets of life like betrayal, farewell and even exposure to new moments. Click here to Read Instantly.


By Dhanashree Mandhani

Untamed is not a story, it’s a chronological flow of random fluctuating thoughts and ideas, penned down by a contemporary writer, one finding her grooves very fast. Her verses hook you and end at the climax leaving you to want more. She engages her readers in a profound yet subtle way spinning questions about self-discovery and self-love. Click here to Read Instantly.


By Deven

Pheromones is a collection of poems—poems of love written in the form of erotic verses about the sensory experiences and intense emotions felt by the characters, the beads of which are woven together in each poem, creating a spectacular peep through the window into the personal space of the poet, where the “I” embraces my vulnerabilities, insecurities, cravings, obsessions and indulgences and indirectly urges the readers to do so too. These are the stories of bodies and souls that splashed across each other and created the greatest gig of senses—stories that the author now hopes to become yours. He hopes to make you feel what he felt by letting you share this bed with him —honest, naked and vulnerable. Click here to Read Instantly.

Black & White

By Srijaa Chatterjee

It’s scary how effortless it can become to hide what you’re feeling, how easy it is to hide your tears behind a smile, how simple it eventually becomes to look someone in the eye and say ‘i’m fine’. from seeming impossible, it eventually becomes an everyday contrivance, a mask that is harder to take off as each day goes by. but it cannot be helped. and sometimes, it’s the best thing that can happen. Click here to Read Instantly.

Mausam Zindagi Ke…

By Rohit Kothari

Mausam Zindagi Ke… is an anthology of human emotions, resembling the diverse seasons of nature. Life is about vibes, emotions and feelings. There is so much to learn and get inspired from in our surroundings. Just one simple thing to understand is that if there is a tunnel of darkness, there will be light at the end of it. Likewise, if there are moments that make you feel perished in life, there will come a time which will make you feel revived and you will surely rise in it. Mausam Zindagi Ke… connects human behaviour with nature, both being beautifully infused in each other. Click here to Read Instantly.

We hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more books!

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