How To Market Your Book

Once you have finished writing your book, you will notice that it was probably the easiest of the lot. What follows is the most important step for you and your book : Marketing. Here are ...

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delhi book clubs

Delhi Book Clubs that Every Bookworm Should Join

If you take pride in calling yourself a bookworm, joining a book club is something you must do. Every book lover not only loves reading but also analyzing and discussing his or her thoughts about ...

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become great writer

Seven books to read to become a great writer

These days, there are a plenty of online tools that make writing an easy job. From grammar correction to plagiarism detection, everything is just a click away. However, is writing that easy? If you are in ...

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book adaptations

Oscar nominated movies based on books

Adapting successful books into movies has been practiced for a long time now by filmmakers globally, but have you noticed the recent trend of book-adapted movies bagging Oscars?   Movies that are adapted from novels have always ...

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How to get Bloggers & Influencers to review your Book

  Humans by nature are social beings. We learn through contact with each other and our connections with the ones around us. And this basic human trait helps marketers  understand and appreciate the concept of word ...

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books by women for women

Great Books Written About Women by Women

Vanquishing conventional stereotypes, women in today's world have made deep impressions in all areas of study, play and research. Women's literature has always been a genre near and dear to the hearts of many. Numerous ...

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