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Notion Press’ Latest Is A Collection Of Truly Cathartic Poetry

The essence of poetry has always been found in nature with spirituality as a guiding partner through the unknown. Poems have been written not only as an expression of the unknown but also as a memory to that which has been experienced. They have the power to convey the unfathomable and the grace to glide the reader into the experience. Poetry has the power to turn intrigued into curiosity. It is this curiosity that works as a lure to poetry. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents: Ponder Awhile by Mohit K. Misra, a collection of truly cathartic poetry. 

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Ponder Awhile

The acclaimed and irresistible truth-telling poetics found in Ponder Awhile is magical. Poet Mohit K. Misra does more than ponder as he contemplates the nature of man and God; he unveils the very essence of humanity. An atheist from a long line of Hindu and Parsi priests, in his mid-twenties the sea conjured his restless spirit into action and in fact, he gained enlightenment in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Inspired and moved by this very experience, bringing together poetry, spirituality and religion, Mohit weaves together Ponder Awhile. No matter the walks of life, the reader is sure to find themselves within the lines of this book.

Spirituality comes from within and touches us all at one point in our lives. The question that arises here is what bridges poetry and spirituality? The answer can be found in numerous places, but Mohit has the flashing light with some answers before us. Using poetry in a spiritual tool, his work is an invitation for any heart ready for a truly awakening experience of love, compassion and unity.

Hailing from a surprisingly religious background, Author Mohit has endured several struggles as an atheist youngster in a country as spiritual and religious as India. As a sailor by profession, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, divinity struck upon him and grew when he received signs to write poetry. He started writing at the age of 30 and has finally, brought out a winning poetry edition which he has nurtured and polished over a decade. Author Mohit has earned several awards and accolades to his name in due course of time such as: 

  • Award-Winning Finalist “USA Book News” Spirituality General 2009;
  • Top 100 Recommended Religion and Spirituality “ebook mall” 2009;
  • Ranked 1 in Religious and Spiritual eBooks “Franklin” 2010/ 2011;
  • “Best Book Buys” Ranked 1 in Poetry books 2011- Top 10 Poetry, Top 10 Body, Mind and Spirit and Top 10 Philosophy- Religious Books 2011/2012 and 2013

Ponder Awhile is now available across all major e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Flipkart and the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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