Notion Press Presents RAWCHAMPS by Loluck

Each and every one of us is born with the potential to become a champion. Some people strive to fulfil that potential, and some give up too early. Most people spend their lives wallowing in mediocrity, never pushing themselves to be, to do, and to have all that they can imagine. If you are one of those people who fears not being able to unleash the winner within, fret no more! Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- RAWCHAMPS by Loluck, a self-help book that tells you how to embrace the champion within and win at work and life.

The term RAWCHAMPS, coined by author Loluck is the abbreviation to Responsibly Adventurous World Champions. Like the term suggests, the books paves the way for you to make responsible decisions in life in order to reap the best outcomes. Becoming a champion is not about beating others in a competition, winning awards, or gaining recognition and accolades. Becoming a champion is about reaching your fullest potential. It’s about constantly pushing the limits of what you thought was impossible for you. It’s about pushing yourself to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can. It’s not about competing to do better than others; it’s about realizing that you are your only competition.

Author Loluck is an Educationist focused on transforming students and youth through experiential learning and curriculum enrichment. He strongly believes that promoting experiential learning and enrichment from early school days to university education will help students to make responsible decisions in every stage of life. 


He started his career as a physical education teacher by chance and changed his profession to hospitality management by choice. The success in managing the hospitality business never gave him happiness and fulfilment in life.  So in 2014 he quit hospitality management and joined a school management team in UAE trying to understand his real purpose in life. Soon he found his passion for education, joined for post-graduation program in Education from Middlesex University, Dubai. 

During this time he was influenced by Aravind Gupta’s experiential learning model using ‘Toys from trash’ which made him focus on experiential learning and curriculum enrichment. He left the school management job and joined the leadership team of an experiential learning startup based out of Dubai. This opportunity helped him to connect with students from different part of the world and to travel with them around the world covering over 100 unique destinations, including world-renowned universities and organizations. His interactions with students, educationists, teachers, school leaders and professionals exposed him to the gaps in student learning experience due to the lack of curriculum enrichment and experiential learning. 

Currently, he is working with Britus Education as Head of Enrichment creating a new learning experience for students through curriculum enrichment and experiential learning. 

He also supports students, youth and professionals with higher education planning, career mapping and life coaching. He loves to play basketball, enjoys travelling, fishing, adventure and public speaking – A proud member of Toastmasters International

You can now get your copy of RAWCHAMPS by Loluck on the Notion Press Online Store!

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