Notion Press presents you a book of short stories that show you the beauty even in difficulties

As we navigate this thorny path called life there comes a time, an instance which changes us, a moment in our life where everything falls to pieces. Notion Press, India’s leading self publishing platform, launches Sealed With A Thread by Jeshma Chand – a book filled with little vignettes that show us pathways to tread when all seems lost. These are stories that are short, some as short as life can be unpredictable, but beautiful nonetheless.

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Sealed with a Thread

We’re always searching but most of the time we do not know what we are searching for. Weaving through the tenacious web of life is tricky and the unpredictable can befall us when we least expect it. But out of the ashes, we rise stronger and brighter than before. Because, we become a better person through what we’ve experienced as we learn, grow and mature.

No story in this collection is the same. This book explores different avenues and circumstances where one may occur that one moment in life where everything falls apart and we piece ourselves back together. From losing the one we love to having to accept a situation that we can’t change, there’s a glimpse into the many hurdles life throws at us.

When will this moment occur? How will they deal with it? To find out grab your copy of this book on or other leading e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart.

About the author:

Jeshma Chand is a day dreamer-turned author. This is her first book, which is a collection of 10 short stories – some are really short; you may wonder if they are a reflection of how short life is. Through these stories, she wants to let others know that there are still so many stories left untold in the universe and that is why the world is in great need of writers. Her passions apart from writing – be it dance, music or theatre – are a way of storytelling. She believes that if there is an umbrella term to cover all things on earth, it would be the word storytellers.

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