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Notion Press Presents – Shru-berry Tales- Conversations with a Toddler

Few of us realize that one of the greatest gifts we can ever receive as we grow older is the chance to see the world through the imaginative eyes of a toddler, without preconceptions, curiosity lurking with every look. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Shru-berry Tales- Conversations with a Toddler by Cauvery Kesavasamy. Experience the wondrous mind of a toddler, be awed at their creativity, feel a mother’s laugh and quirk a smile at the humour in this book.

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Shru-berry Tales

“The fascinating workings of a child’s mind and a fond mother’s gift for words come together in a most appealing manner in Shru-berry Tales. In these entertaining snippets, Cauvery has not just recorded her little daughter’s innocent quips, observations, worldly wisdom, unexpected and amusing reactions, concern for others and the very occasional urge to do mischief, but has conveyed them so endearingly that it is a treat to eavesdrop on these conversations. Enjoyed

reading this book!”

  • Khyrunnisa A, Award Winning Author of the Butterfinger Series


This book is a refreshing breeze that is here to lift your spirits and make your day a bit brighter. A treasure just waiting to be explored, filled with something that should be treated precious – a child’s innocence and creativity at the world, long before the colors fade to shades of grey as we grow up. A book that will warm your soul and make you believe in life again.

Cauvery grew up learning her greens from the trees and browns from the dusty towns of an urbanizing India. She studied Law, was a professional banker and later, writer at The Anonymous Writer, where she touched a million lives. Writing has always been her first love, and she presents the world in a simple, rhythmic meter, viewing it through the lens of childlike curiosity and an innocent imagination of what could be.

Cauvery strikes again with wit and charm in her latest book, Shru-berry Tales- Conversations with a Toddler, where she describes the conversations she has with her daughter as she grows up in a different country, but with the same uninhibited inquisitiveness about the world around

her. These conversations exhibit a keen ear of an observant mother and curiosity of a toddler- giving us moments of awe and wonder.

The book is available in print and e-book format at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce portals including Amazon and Flipkart.

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