Phrasing Dialogues

How to Write Scintillating Dialogues

'And what is the use of a book', thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversation?' Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland When browsing through books, readers often try to see how much dialogue is present in it. If there is not much to the eye, they put down the book and move to the next. As an author, can you guess why? Dialogues help readers gauge your book. As a writer, using dialogues can: Show, ...

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balance writing

How to Balance Writing with your Day Job

  One of the crucial things that writers require and lack is time. With an incomplete novel idling at the desk, writers go through a tremendous pressure of completing it on time and getting it published as well. Now, most first-time authors are not celebrities; they are aspirants who have a powerful story in hand and want to get it out to readers. An average writer is an office-goer, who has ...

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How to write

How to write when you don’t Feel Like Writing

“Just ten more minutes and I’ll definitely start writing, I swear!” said my writer-friend when I pushed him to complete his sixth chapter. I texted him thirty minutes later and he replied stating that his friends got him a ticket for a movie and that he was on the way. I wasn’t surprised as I’ve seen a lot of people procrastinating their writing schedule and doing things that seemed more ...

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avoiding plagiarism

The Guide to understanding and avoiding Plagiarism

Although this term was invented and used since the roman era, plagiarism seems to be a buzzword these days. From authors to artists, we see a lot of people tweeting and re-tweeting about plagiarism. One of the most recent plagiarism outrages was when the veteran reporter of The Washington Post, Lisa Rein, was accused and proved of plagiarizing contents from Government Executive. While the word plagiarism was added to the ...

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what is writer's block

How to deal with Writer’s Block

Writer's block, the inevitable brain fry that happens to every writer. The symptoms include, staring at the computer screen, fingers hovering over the keys and you feel like you have selective amnesia and have lost it all. If it happens to you, don't worry, this is a completely curable case. Every author hits a blank wall at some point in her/his writing career, but how they overcome it is the ...

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How to write an Autobiography

Lets begin with the blatant truth. Before you embark on a journey to write an autobiography, you will need to ask yourself one question Why would someone want to read your autobiography? An autobiography is a self- authored story of a persons life. Unlike a book, an autobiography is steeped in the truth. Fiction gives authors plenty of reign to make things interesting. But the crux of an autobiography is your ...

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how to write a romance-fiction

6 Tips to Write a Bestselling Romance Novel

Love is a universal feeling that transcends regions, boundaries, languages, ethnicity, and now even gender. It's the feel that everyone, throughout the world, can relate to. Perhaps, that's the reason why romance-fiction is one of the most popular genres in writing. So, if you've chosen to write a romance novel, there may be just two reasons you want to tap into the vast market of romance-fiction readers or you have ...

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