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“You have a healthy baby girl!” These words ring like church bells in the ears of new parents; words that transform everyone’s life present for that cherished moment. How many ever times we hear these words, the fact is that a healthy baby is nothing short of a miracle. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents The Birth of a Miracle Child, a true guide to plan for your own miracle baby, by Anamika Singh.


The day a couple receives the most priceless gift of them all; a healthy baby, the whole chemistry of their life changes. A mother takes birth in a woman, a father starts taking shape in a man, and grandparents are blessed to experience the joy of childhood in their lives again. They receive a baby who fills their lives with sheer happiness and joy that is bound to remain for a lifetime. Needless to say, having a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can endure and that cannot be explained in mere words. But is having a baby as easy as we imagine it to be? The raw truth is the fact that the whole birthing process is a wonder in itself. Every year, millions of babies are born across the world. Unfortunately, a large number of them are born with defects. They are not mentally and physically fit. This concern often arises from the fact that we are unaware of what it takes to plan for a baby that is blessed with Good Health, a Sharp Brain and High IQ Levels. And that’s exactly what Anamika Singh would like to handhold you through with The Birth of a Miracle Child.


In The Birth of a Miracle Child, Anamika Singh makes us aware of our ultra-conservative approach to child planning, or even, having no absolute idea of the subject. More often than never, we misunderstand child planning with family planning. However, the fact is that they are two completely different terms and hold entirely diverse meanings. We strive to do thousands of things after elaborately planning but when it comes to planning our own child, we have a very casual approach. This may be due to our ignorance or lack of knowledge on the subject. Be that as it may, we are putting our child at significant risk without being conscious and accountable. We, as parents, owe this at the least to our bundle of joy and love. The Birth of a Miracle Child is an initiative by Anamika Singh to spread awareness among the youth about what entails with respect to child planning. Moreover, it is an initiative to help parents to have a baby that surpasses the pinnacle of good health both physically and mentally.


Like everyone else, The Birth of a Miracle Child author Anamika Singh and her husband had planned out everything for their first baby. They googled all that they could, listened to their elders, and even tried to find a good book on child planning. Unfortunately, she did not find a holistic guide even with a lot of research. As she suffered from Hypertension and Thyroid, and with her husband’s blood group being rare, they were in a dilemma about even having a child. These were not the ideal healthy and safe conditions for a mother and her baby. They were extremely concerned about the physical and mental health of their child. Seeing many babies around them who were not physically and mentally sound filled their hearts with unbearable pain. They didn’t want to put their own child at risk. This concern inspired them to work on child planning eventually. At this very moment, they are now proud parents to a miracle baby.


Intending to help other parents, Anamika Singh has penned this book as a basic guide for all those who desire for a miracle baby. Nevertheless, the truth is…who does not want a miracle baby? Grab your copy of The Birth of a Miracle Child in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portal such as Amazon.

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