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Notion Press’ Latest Release is a must-read for every young book lover

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents The Great Adventures of Ally and Albert: The Mysterious Visitors by Vaimitra Chandrasehar. Look no further if your little ones are craving for epic adventures into extraordinary worlds. The second instalment of The Great Adventures of Ally and Albert series is an awesome addition to every kid’s personal collection.

The successful first instalment of the Ally and Albert series takes every young reader through a magical world filled with entertainment and excitement. Ally, Albert, their siblings and parents go on an adventurous trip to the Stone Age by travelling back in time. Apart from having a dreamlike quotient and the peculiarity of a magical wizard called Wizardo, the book vividly portrays the fun-filled journey of the naughty yet creative duo along with their family. The Great Adventures of Ally and Albert: The Mysterious Visitors continues these thrilling ventures of this quirky family.

The Mysterious Visitors describes their interesting course through the Stone Age after being magically transported through time in the first book. Only in this book, they do not have the magic that brought them into this world in the first place. Will they be able to thrive in the Stone Age forever? Now that Wizardo has lost his precious magical powers, can they return to their present world if they ever decide to do so? Moreover, adding a dimension of mystery and secrets, Ally and Albert encounter eerie visitors from another world. Are they Earthlings or Extra-terrestrial beings? Can these unknown individuals help them get back to the present world? Where is the magic spell leading them? Find your answers in The Great Adventures of Ally and Albert: The Mysterious Visitors.

Penned down by the talented Vaimitra Chandrasehar from the Detroit of India, Chennai, The Mysterious Visitors is her third book after Take a Break, a collection of short stories and poems, and The Great Adventures of Ally and Albert Part 1. As a Grade Six graduate in Threate from the Trinity College of London and a valuable student of the Crea-Shakthi School of Drama, young Ms Chandrasehar has been a passionate reader from a tender age of four and has gone ahead to conceptualize, write scripts and direct various productions at her school. With the release of her debut book, Take a Break, she has established herself as the youngest author in her city. By rendering her voice for musical albums and kids’ rhymes, Ms Chandrasehar hopes to inspire other children through her interactions and various ventures. Grab your copy of The Great Adventures of Ally and Albert: The Mysterious Visitors in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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