Notion Press Presents A Psychological Thriller- The Hauntup

When a mysterious stranger on Twitter summons Mitra, Siddhart, Priya, Radhika and Arvind to meet up at a haunted location every Saturday night, they have no idea what they have signed up for or how drastically their lives could change. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents, The Hauntup, a gripping suspense thriller that unlocks deadly secrets.

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The Hauntup

This book revolves around five thrill-seekers who take up the most adventurous challenge of their lives.

With a new haunted location to explore every week and a mysterious stranger who pulls the strings, life suddenly takes several chilling turns as the lines between reality and surreal blur. The protagonists soon find themselves at the center of a two-decade-old unsolved murder mystery of a young Carnatic music singer and are plunged into the dark and sinister world of The Hauntup. And now, there is no escape—unless they do exactly what the stranger asks!

Debut author Deepti Srivatsan, an erstwhile finance professional whose life revolved purely around spreadsheets and numbers has decided to turn to words and embark on a journey to pursue her long-cherished dream of becoming an author.
While she’s been a closet fiction writer since the age of 11, The Hauntup is her first published work. She can be reached at @turquoizzze on Twitter.

This book is now available on the Notion Press bookstore and across several other e-commerce websites including Amazon and Flipkart.

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