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Notion Press presents a compilation of stories of humans written in shades of grey

Humans are difficult to read and assimilating all the information regarding our response to stimuli differs from person to person. Perhaps, that is why we are considered so inherently complex because we are unpredictable and intense. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents to you The Lady In White by Sanchita Bhattacharya—a compilation of stories that are set in diverse backgrounds and reflect the fierce characteristics of humans and their emotions.

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The Lady In White

Life cannot be lived if you perceive all you see in black or white. Life is layered in shades of grey and somewhere, a compromise should be made. There exists no clear line between “right” and “wrong” and we must realize that the line is blurred due to our own perceptions. What is right for one may in fact be wrong for another.

This collection of stories is centred around the responses and actions in situations and circumstances of the common people. There is no set order or flow in which these stories have been written. Rather, they have grown and evolved along with the author’s experiences and own personal growth. As humans, we do not feel just one emotion—we vary from humorous and surreal to mundane and even tragic. They have been written in such a way as to depict the characters of these stories as known or unknown based on the understanding of the reader.

Even the most complex of things are beautiful and this compilation of stories certainly is gorgeous in its writing, characterization and complexity. Grab your own copy at or on other leading e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart.

About the Author:

Sanchita Bhattacharya is a political analyst by profession. She resides in Delhi-NCR. She works in the field of Political Islam in South Asia, and has extensively published various research articles related to the subject. She is also a travel enthusiast, a movie buff and a reader. Born in the pristine Arunachal Pradesh, she has spent most of her life in Delhi.

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