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Notion Press Launches a Story of Love in College and Responsibility for Our Lives

It is perhaps one of the greatest questions that we face in our lives – How does love happen? We can’t foresee when we’re going to fall in love. But when we do love, how does it influence our actions and decisions? Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing platform, brings you The Mistake by Bishwanth Singh – a story of college life, finding love and discovering who you are, which makes us delve deeply into our personal beliefs and society’s as well.

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The Mistake

Vijay Singh is a young boy who has come to Bangalore to be an engineer. Like most youth of today, he wanted to enjoy his college life. He soon got a girlfriend and was very pleased and satisfied with how his life was going. But 12 months later, Vijay is admitted in the hospital and soon begins to question his choices. After all, something has brought him to this state, and it was time for him to face reality.

We live in a society that has its own values, and yet, we are our own people, we have our own thoughts and our own beliefs. The Mistake is a love story, but it is also so much more. It makes us think and makes us question ourselves. It teaches us that life is priceless, and we are the ones who captain the ship that sails through the waters of our lives. We are responsible for all our actions, whether their consequences are good or bad.

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About the author:

Bishwanath Singh has been captivated by stories and the wonders that they contain for as long as he can remember. As a child, he found them in books and comics, reading them over and over again. A bibliophile through and through, even his choice of magazines was dictated by the number of stories they contained. He is a great lover and appreciator of movies as they are the visual expression of stories. All this reading and watching inspired in him a deep urge to tell his own stories and so began his journey as a writer. Bishwanath’s day job is as a Senior Systems Engineer in a well-known MNC. A student of City Engineering College, Bangalore, The Mistake is his first novel, a romance based on college life.

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