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The Right time to Market your Book

An important concept when it comes to marketing is time.

The target, timing and the time-frame of your marketing is what will define the sales of your book.

We’ve already covered the target.

Let’s talk about the Timing:

Timing your marketing efforts right can boost your sales by as much as double of what it would have been. And we’re not talking about book launches when we say timing.

Marketing needs to start before you publish your book. Building a reputation as an author by creating an author platform and building a buzz around your book requires a lot of time. By the time you release your book, you need to be established as an interesting writer, if not an interesting author. This is the reason why second and third books do a lot better than the first book for most authors.

And once your book is ready for publishing, you need to build a buzz around it and time the release so that it comes out after you’ve aroused your audiences’ interest to the peak.

Another tool of marketing that needs to be wielded correctly is promotions. Promotions or promos are offers that you give with your book, in most cases, it is a discount. Promotional offers should be combined with the release of the book, this combined with the hype of the release will serve to dramatically increasing the efficiency of the promotional offer and will send sales up in a short period of time, thereby pushing your book up in terms of ranking in sites like Amazon.

Time-frame for Marketing:

Marketing is like rowing a boat; you can’t just do it once and expect to arrive at your destination. You need to keep at it till you get there. Similarly, you need to keep marketing until your book has gotten enough recognition. Once it reaches that state the reviews and word of mouth will keep it going.

And marketing constantly is not enough, you also have to analyze your results and keep tweaking your strategies for maximum effectiveness.

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Naveen Valsakumar

Naveen is passionate about two things - technology and books. He spends most of his waking hours coming up with ways to help authors promote books and dreams of creating solutions to a variety of problems in Indian publishing.

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