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Notion Press Presents- White, Soft & Fluffy by Poonam Jalan

Cinderella got her happily ever after with her prince though he failed to recognize her in her tattered clothes and had to depend on a shoe fitting. Sleeping Beauty was woken up with a kiss placed on the lips without her consent and Belle was kidnapped by a beast and went on to fall in love with her captor. While most women of today were brought up reading ‘classic’ fairy tales that depict princesses who need to be saved by their prince, it is time we embrace stories of real, strong and resilient women. It is time we take inspiration from the stories real-life heroes who have proved their vitality by simply emerging strongly from tough situations.
Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- White, Soft & Fluffy by Poonam Jalan, a brave woman’s journey of healing against all odds.

In her book, Author Poonam Jalan, a certified Counsellor and Behaviour Analyst talk about her journey from disasters to success and from heart-breaking failure to the ethereal happiness in helping others heal.

The book throws light on the importance of mental and emotional wellness, thereby instigating a never give up attitude. With a mix of science and compassion, she shares the ‘Hows’ of forming beliefs, letting go of pain and emerging victorious from whatever life can throw at you.

By narrating her journey, Poonam hopes to inspire her readers to dream bigger, think of new possibilities and fight harder against self-doubt. She tells you how to declutter your mind and reach for the simpler things in life to find solace and to seek true happiness and success.

A Monash University, Melbourne alumni in the field of Counselling Psychotherapy, Poonam Jalan, in her event studded life, has lived in India, Russia, Dubai and Singapore.

Poonam is happily engaged in working with individuals and groups on issues of mental health and psychosomatic diseases.  She is based out of Mumbai where she lives with her husband, daughter and two dogs.

White, Soft & Fluffy is now available on Amazon, Flipkart and on the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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