writing a book dedication

Writing a Book Dedication

So, you’re finally done writing your book and copy editing it as well. Cheers to that. Now, all you need to do is take care of things that would add more value to you, as an author, and your book when it releases in the market. You, now, have to write a preface for your book (check out the how to write a preface here), get a foreword from a published author if you want to, and write a dedications section for your book. Being a first-time writer, chances are high that you would dedicate your book to someone special or people close to you in your circle. Personally, I feel it’s the most special and significant part of writing and publishing a book and I’m sure you would agree with it, too. So, if you’re looking for dedicating your book to someone but unaware of how to do it, here’s how you do.

Start by Selecting the Person or People

Before you write a dedication for your book, think of people or a person to whom you want to dedicate your book to. The book being your first one, you may find it difficult to pick names for dedication. You may have a list of people you want to thank and acknowledge but feel hesitant if you truly want to add them to your list. Sometimes, you may also be compelled to include names just because you’ll think people would feel bad for not including their names. As a writer, things like these shouldn’t bother you. It is your book and it is you who has put your heart, sweat, and soul into writing it. Include only the names who have indeed left an impact in your life or those to whom you feel really grateful for. It is your choice and there is no right or wrong here. Sometimes, depending on the content of your book, you can also dedicate your book to a community or people who form the crux of your story. For instance, if you’re book is about Tsunami and its devastations, you could dedicate your book to the victims of the disaster or their families. It all depends on your intentions.

Addressing Name

Once you’ve made the list, you now have to decide how you’d address them on your dedications page. If the person you’re mentioning is someone outside your friends and family circle (those you greet formally), address them using an honorific. If you intend to include your friends or family, just address them casually using their name. If they’re close enough, you could even address them using a nickname.

Include why you wish to dedicate Your Book to Them

Having a reason to dedicate makes your dedication more personal. A lot of authors tend to include a reason for their dedication and you could do it if you wish to as well. You can come up with quirky sentences or creative ways to provide a reason for your dedication. While some may be as simple as ‘For my spouse’, some may be intense and include added information such as ‘For my spouse, without whom this book would’ve been just a dream.’ Again, it is your call and is up to you to include a reason or not.

Remember that the dedication page is yours and the way you thank or dedicate them is entirely up to you. If you want some inspiration to start off, pick up one of the books from your bookshelf and see how popular authors have done it. It’s simple.

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